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   Chapter 163 You Are so Sweet

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Ron raised his eyebrows slightly, "what's Mr. Shen's capital to ask for a condition?"

Now that he dared to make demands, Mr. Shen naturally had his own capital and support.

"I need some special procedures. The share transfer will be completed at ten o'clock tomorrow at the latest. Mr. Ron, can you guarantee that my daughter will be claimed innocent in ten minutes?"

In fact, what Mr. Shen offered was quite good to Ron.

after all, there was a saying said that a long delay meant endless dreams. it would be better to collect all the shares at the earliest and quickest way.

However, Ron didn't promise him immediately.

He just meditated and said, "it isn't enough even for going procedure of the police station."

"That means Mr. Ron needs to work more. After all, the share transfer coming into effect tomorrow morning is better than waiting for seven working days. All I want is that my children can be safe and sound. "

"I'll try my best. At most at ten thirty,"

Ron made a stop gesture to Mr. Shen and said in a considerate manner, "no need."

In the car.

Holley looked at the man beside her with concern, "Are you okay? You stood so long just now. Are you all right? "

Ron did not speak, just sitting there laughing. Maybe he was too happy, and the smile made him look like a little dumb.

Maybe she was infected by Ron, or maybe she was amused by Ron's silly reaction, there was also a slight smile on Holley's face.

However, Holley could sense the more and more weird atmosphere between them.

"Ron, is there anything wrong with your wound? Don't just laugh. We are not shooting ghost movie."

After the little woman finished her words, Ron laughed more unscrupulously.


His little woman was always so lovely, which made him happy.

"Your husband, I'm a man, a man. So this kind of injury doesn't matter at all."

He said proudly and patted on his chest heavily.

But this time, he was overconfident.

The action of patting was too

lley, "I remember I reminded you not to do exercises recently. Even if he is young and aggressive, he shouldn't behave like this. "

"You stay alone as a single. I'm fine with my wound."

Without hesitation, Ron gave the doctor 100000 points of violence.

As a single, he couldn't speak for a long time.

Then Ron pointed to the door and said, "you can go now."

"Ron Mu. If you're not my brother. I really want to trick you. "

The doctor pounded his fist on the table and finally opened his mouth, "I am..."

He said two words and suddenly stopped. He looked at Holley and changed his words. "Nothing, I'm just kidding with you."

"Fuck off. Get out of my house! "

Ron strode over and pushed the doctor out of the villa.

He also closed the door of the villa.

A minute later, Ron came back to the villa. Apparently, he didn't look well.

"What did the doctor say to you?"

They thought they had made a clever exchange, but Holley saw it anyway.

As she asked, Ron shook his head. "He didn't say anything. I warned him not to disturb our private life anymore. After all, he is a man of special identity. It's improper for us to keep in frequent touch. "

"Really?" Holley asked incredulously, her eyes gazing at the monitor at the door.

She had heard and seen everything through the monitor just now.

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