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   Chapter 160 I Only Have You

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In the living room of the first floor.

Seeing the doctor coming downstairs, Holley rushed to him and asked, "is he all right?"


The doctor pretended to be in deep pain and nodded. "He's fine. He's not in danger temporarily. But now he needed to rest. If you are fine, just leave him alone. And don't do any strenuous exercise recently. "

He made Holley blush.

However, Holley was unable to explain that there was nothing between her and Ron.

She nodded hastily and said thanks to the doctor.

The doctor was amused by her reaction. "Now I understand why Ron was so obsessed with you. You are so funny. "

After a series of comments, the doctor became serious. "By the way, your husband asked you to go upstairs and wake him up at half past six."

"Got it."

Holley nodded.

She was very calm, as if she had already known what Ron was going to do after he got up.

The doctor's curiosity was aroused.

"Do you know what Ron will do after he gets up at 6:30, Holley?"

He was a strong gossiper.

Holley shook her head.

She had no idea what the man was going to do.

In fact, she never knew his plan.

Only when he did what he wanted to do could she know.

"Aren't you curious?"

The doctor looked at Holley in disbelief.

She didn't even know anything, but she promised. Isn't this very...?

However, Holley was frank, "when he gets up, we'll know what's going on."

"How do you plan to spend the whole afternoon?"

The doctor was still there and chatted with her. "Why don't you chat with me? It's easy to kill time by chatting with me."

"By the way, I want to introduce myself. My name is Fabian Ou."

He posed a handsome pose as he said.

Holley smiled, "Hello, Doctor Ou."

"I'm fine. Haha. "

Fabian Ou started to chat with her happily. "By the way, how did you know Ron? You two..."

Their conversation was interrupted at the very beginning.

Roger came up and stood between Holley and

He still continued saying his plan and policy.

After saying that, he waved and said, "well, get dressed and put on makeup. We will leave on time at seven o'clock."

Seven o'clock sharp.

After leaving the villa, Holley finally understood in a trance why she had always felt something wrong since she came back.

It turned out to be Ms. Tien.

She didn't see Ms. Tien until now.

"Well, where is Ms. Tien?" She asked Ron nervously.

This man was always injured, and bad things always happened recently. Holley was worried inexplicably. She didn't want Ms. Tien to suffer an accident.

"Her son had a small car accident and broke his leg. I have asked Ms. Tien to take care of her son. "

Ron's answer made Holley feel a little relieved, but then she felt a little guilty. "I've been back for a long time, but you didn't tell me. Ms. Tien has been taking care of me, I should visit her son."

"I have someone send her tonic, fruits and money her son need. As for the visit, I have arranged it. We will go together tomorrow afternoon. You have to consider my physical condition to wait for me getting better, or you will probably become a widow, "

Ron teased.

Holley pouted, "Boring joke."


However, the atmosphere in Shen's Manor was getting more and more weird...

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