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   Chapter 159 Can't Help But Start

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As for the vicious behavior of Ron, Holley could do nothing.

Who would bring her phone to take a shower?

Besides, he was still treating his wound downstairs when she went to take a shower.

She didn't expect that Ron would go upstairs so soon.

Without saying anything, Holley sent a message to Rex.

She wanted to explain.

At last, she found that it was hard to explain the whole thing.

Sitting opposite to her, Ron said with a half-smile, "I forgot to tell you. After I sent the message, Rex deleted you. The message can't be sent out."

"Did you delete it? If not, why wasn't there the hint that you can't send message until you add the other party as a friend? "

Holley found something wrong.

However, Ron shrugged his shoulders and spread his hands unhurriedly, "I have no idea."

As soon as he finished his words, he sank into bed tiredly. He closed his eyes and didn't talk to Holley any more.

Holley didn't believe and sent a message. As expected, she couldn't send it out any more.

And in the dialog box with Rex, there was the hint that she needed to add as a friend before sending messages.

It meant that Ron had deleted Rex from her phone.

It also meant that the conversation between the man and Rex was not just the one sentence he showed to her.

"Ron, what did you say to Rex?"

Holley asked anxiously.

But the man on the bed, however, kept his eyes closed. It seemed that he had fallen asleep.

"Don't pretend to be asleep."

Holley lifted her hand reluctantly and pushed the man lying on the bed.

She swore to God that she didn't exert much strength because of his wound.

However, Ron reacted strongly.

He screamed, as if a piece of his meat had been cut off.

Hearing this, Holley trembled and the phone fell to the ground.

That must be a heartrending cry. It made people feel guilty when they hear it.

Holley bit her lip and shook her head as she explained, "I didn't mean to do that. I didn't use much

know. You two have a child. As long as you have a child, Rex will give up."

The doctor thought for a while and came up with a new proposal.

When he proposed this, his eyes lit up.

The corners of Ron's mouth strongly twitched. "Do you think she can have a baby with me in this situation?"

After thinking for a while, the doctor shook his head.

Unless Holley was out of her mind, otherwise there was no truth about the events of that year, how could she give birth to a child with the man who put her in prison?


After a sigh, the doctor went on, "I have already told you that you can tell her all those things. Why do you have to inexplicably think like that? Wouldn't she have been involved if you hadn't told her? Wouldn't she feel scared if you hadn't told her? She is involved now..."

Ron made a gesture to stop him, "tell her that I need to have a rest because I'm seriously injured. Tell her not to disturb me. But you have to wake me up at half past six this afternoon. "

"Why should I wake you up?"

The doctor rolled his eyes at Ron, complaining secretly in his heart, 'a stubborn guy.'

"When she asks you why, you just tell her. Don't ask more questions and focus on your work."

After saying that, Ron grabbed the pillow, changed a comfortable posture and went to sleep.

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