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   Chapter 158 Talk Nonsense

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The atmosphere in the car suddenly froze.

An awkward atmosphere enveloped them.

Ron was a little regretful. He must have lost too much blood and been talking nonsense.

But since he had said so, he could not change his words.

After taking a pause, he said in a serious tone, "you will know it sooner or later. I have told you that you will know everything as long as you go with me."


Holley didn't like this kind of answer.

She felt that someone had painted her a big loaf and kept hanging her appetite.

Then, there was no more.

"Just drive."

Ron withdrew his hand tiredly and closed his eyes. His breath gradually became heavy.

She didn't know if he was too weak or just acting.

But looking at the man's back full of blood, Holley was unwilling to guess again.

she drove all the way to the suburb and back to the villa.

In the villa.

Roger and the doctor had arrived.

They were all waiting for Ron.

Seeing that Ron came back with the help of Holley, the two of them hastily stepped forward and reached out their hands.

Because of the incident last time, the doctor was still a little scared. he reminded him directly, "well, you'd better release your wife's hand first. With her around, it will hinder the operation."


Although Ron was complaining, he loosened his hand and said, "go upstairs."

"Yes, you'd better leave. Ron this brat had been shot three times in the back, and the wounds were rather severe. it is not proper for you to stay and see. Be obedient. Listen to your husband, so that you can have your candy earlier. "

Ron rubbed his forehead helplessly.

What was the doctor talking about?

The reason why he asked Holley to leave was that he didn't want the little woman to know how serious his injuries were.

However, his injury was revealed in front of her.

"How did it happen? Who did it?"

Holley asked urgently.

As the doctor dealt with the wounds of Ron, he joked, "Hey, Ron's little wife, yo

t from Rex, which said, "are you all right? Call me back when you are free."

Holley hesitated for a while. She didn't call him back but just sent him a text, "Mr. Yan, I'm sorry for the loss of your shares. I'll try to pay you the shares I owe you.".

"Have you forgotten that we are going to set up a fund? If we gain profits, don't forget our original intention."

Rex texted back quickly.

He was still the gentle and considerate man who cared about her feelings and always thought for her.

Holley didn't reply.

She tossed the phone aside, changed her clothes and walked into the bathroom.

The hot shower was so comfortable and delightful.

Then Holley washed her hair and got it dry. When she walked out, she found that Ron was sitting on the bed with her phone in his hand.

Holley was stunned and had a bad feeling.

Ron directly threw the phone to her, "I've sent a text for you to Rex. See? Don't say something wrong next time when you meet."

He actually used her phone to send messages to others.

Holley checked the chat records quickly. 'that man should be so shameless to send this kind of message, ' she thought.

"You're thinking too much, Mr. Yan. The stock issue is a play acted by my husband and I. I didn't want to admit it, but you are so stupid that I can't help but tell you the truth. "

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