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   Chapter 157 What Does It Have to Do with Her

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6977

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The recording at the courtroom's door years ago hurt Holley's heart a lot.

Even if she tried not to recall the past, there was still a suffocating pain from the bottom of her heart.

She lowered her arm and frowned slightly.

Linda's words irritated her.

She didn't want to suspect Ron.

But a man had changed so much four years ago and now. What was his purpose?

However, they were trapped by both the shares and the interests.

How could Holley do that? How could she believe that all the good things she was given were not conspiracy?

A lightning flashed across the sky.

Holley was wide awake all of a sudden.

It was incorrect!

If it was a plot, Ron would have already arranged someone to kill her secretly, and then those shares would still belong to him.

Did the man realize it in his conscience?

She could never understand the change in Ron's attitude towards her.

But that didn't matter. The most important thing was that now she had the same enemies with Ron, and they were Craig and Linda.

Once again, she raised her hand and put it around Ron's waist. Holley smiled, "I don't remember what happened in the past. Let's go. I haven't seen you for such a long time. You should make it up to me. "

As she had been with that man for a long time, Holley had learned to say those seemingly flirtatious words.

She was a woman. She knew women best.

So she knew from Linda's words that something was bothering Linda.

Even if she could not be with Ron, she could not bear that Holley and Ron loved each other.

That was why Holley said so.

She would fight back and attack whoever provoked her!

"Holley ye, have you no shame? How dare you say that in public! "

Linda pointed at Holley and kept cursing.

Holley smiled, "What did I say? It's serious to make it up to me. What do you hear? "

Holley covered her mouth and said, "oh my God, Linda, what are you thinking about? No wonder you would be dumped. As a woman who relied on her body to seduce a man with her beauty, all she thought about was sex. How could she get love?

, she wouldn't have fallen to the ground and couldn't get up.

However, she knew that if she didn't leave, Craig would continue to kick and hit her.

She was so humiliated that she struggled to get up.

Holley had been holding Ron's arm and gone a little far.

Hearing the conversation, she couldn't help but turn around. "Oh, so this is your happiness, Linda. This is the good man you've found."

She said sarcastically, and then smiled sweetly and left with Ron in her arms.

After getting on the car.

It seemed that Ron had used up all his strength. He leaned on the seat suddenly.

Taking off his coat with great efforts, Holley found that a large area of his back was bloody red.

"What happened to you? Let's go to the hospital."

Holley stepped on the gas and sped up.

"No, I won't go."

He turned her down without hesitation.

"Then where are we going?"

"Go home. Roger has invited a doctor."

Ron held onto Holley's hand and comforted her in a hoarse voice, "don't worry. Linda will be sent to prison soon. Your suffering will be doubled on her."


Holley went silent.

There were certain things she couldn't bear to mention.

"You don't trust me?"

Ron squeezed her hand and said, "I meant what I said."

Though she didn't want to say anything bad, Holley still said, "it's you who sent me to prison. It's none of Linda's business."

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