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   Chapter 156 You Want to Be My Woman

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Said Linda, disgustingly.

A foxy smile played at the corners of Craig's mouth. "You're not qualified to be my woman."

Linda was embarrassed.

Luckily, she found Rex, a man who could save her from embarrassment. "Mr. Lan, look over there. Mr. Yan is coming."

"I'm not blind and I can see."

Craig said indifferently, pushed Linda away and walked to Rex.

He still didn't trust Linda, so he wouldn't talk about some secrets in front of Linda.

Looking at Mr. Lan's receding figure, Linda hesitated and didn't follow him.

After all, she was in danger now. If she irritated Mr. Lan, she would be thrown away as an useless chess piece.

When Craig walked towards Rex, he greeted. "Mr. Yan, you really hit me on the face today. But I'm generous and I don't bear grudges. I hope that we can work together. After all, all men and women in love are crazy. I understand that you are crazy about Holley. But she just wants to fool you. I believe you can see that. A honey trap. They hold 60% shares, close to 70%. "

"I think that as a man, it doesn't matter as long as we loved someone. It didn't matter even if we loved the wrong one. But we can't let women have their way with our love. We have to go back and fight for our own dignity. "

Craig was an eloquent man.

He had won many times in the negotiation just because of his eloquence.

And every word of his was in line with a man's heart.

He didn't believe that Rex would insist on not cooperating with him.


Rex nodded indifferently, "I heard your kindness, Mr. Lan. But it is you, Mr. Lan, who should be really careful. Just now, Linda even threw herself into Mr. Ron's arms. Stop being played by women."

Rex replied impolitely, and then took another indifferent look at Craig. He turned around and was about to leave.

"Rex, why are you so fascinated by Holley ye? Don't you see that woman approached you just to get shares f

That was the reason.

It was not only the voice of Ron, but also his dislike and hatred for her.

"Listen. What a four-year sentence for so much hatred and so much disgust. I've been wondering why Ron didn't divorce you. It turned out that it was because of the shares. When he divorces, he needs to split his shares, he will lose a lot. "

Linda said in a voice dripping with sarcasm, "so, Holley, it wasn't because that you have won over me in Mr. Ron's heart, and then you was pampered again. Mr. Ron abandoned and treated me cruelly not because of you. In order to get more money, Mr. Ron once again dallied with your love and endured a woman like you, and you would come to no good end. Four years ago, he sent you to prison. Four years later, he will take your life. Only if you die, Mr. Ron doesn't need to split his shares to get his freedom. "

"As for me, I don't like Mr. Ron anymore. Because when I lost because of money, I saw through that he was a scum. I think Mr. Lan is really worthy of my trust for the rest of my life. "

Once again, Linda and Craig showed off their love.

She had made it to provoke Holley.

Although Holley didn't say anything, she tried to keep calm.

But her arm around Ron's waist was weak for a moment, and fell heavily...

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