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   Chapter 155 Mr. Ron with Strange Brain Circuit

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If Holley heard this kind of threat in normal times, she would be scared and take it seriously.

But today, she was not afraid at all.

With a confident smile, Holley said, "if you don't want to die, just give it a try. If you were not seriously injured, you wouldn't have shivered like this. "

In her heart, she blamed him.

He could erase all her good feelings for him in a second.

"How come?"

Ron shrugged his shoulders indifferently.

He loosened his grip, motioned for her to stand up, and said, "I've told you about it many times. You can't always have problems in your mind! "

"Is there anything wrong with my mind?"

Holley couldn't accept it. She sneered, "Ron, don't be so ridiculous? Is that how you expressed yourself? "

"What did I say? I'm always serious. "

The man became more and more serious.

He stretched his hand to touch Holley's back and put it in front of the woman.

"Have you seen it?"

The man asked. Holley stared at him, but she didn't see anything on his hand.


She answered honestly.

Ron smiled, "How could it be? it's all dust, so dirty." The cleaning department of the company needed to be re arranged. They were so irresponsible that they couldn't even clean the table. I've decided that if you don't behave well, I'll send you to clean up the whole building. "

'So, you pushed me to the table and said those ambiguous words just to tell me that the table was not clean?'

Holley felt that she was refreshed by Ron once again.

That man came up with such a brain circuit...

"You win. Let's go. Since you have wounds, call a doctor as soon as possible. "

Holley made a concession.

She held Ron tightly.

Although there was no smile on her face, it was much more pleasant than the expression just now.

At least at this moment, no matter who saw her, they would ne

Linda had already captured some important information from Mr. Lan and Mr. Shen's conversation. "Mr. Lan, I've built up my own force in the Mu's Group. They will definitely help you destroy the Mu's Group and make it go bankrupt. Just now, I didn't genuinely turn around to Ron. I just thought that at this time, Mr. Lan, you should have a person who worked as a spy in the Mu's Group, and she is your inside employee. "

She said these words in a hurry, because she wanted to express not only her sense of use, but also her euphemism of being wronged and misunderstood.

Although Craig didn't believe her words at all.

But it was enough as long as it worked.

He didn't let her go. Once again, Craig pinched her wounds hard. "Remember, don't act without my permission from now on."

"Yes, yes."

Linda was a little relieved when she heard his words.

She knew that she had passed the tests today.

Before Craig asked, she said first, "the three major business departments of the Mu's Group, supply chain, design and planning departments, have my people in the executives' positions. As long as Mr. Lan has any plan and instruction, I will contact them. They will do anything for you. Because I work for you, so do they."

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