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   Chapter 154 I Want You to Hug Me

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Looking into his eyes, Holley shook her head slightly and asked, "why?"

She had been wondering why so many shares belonged to her.

She didn't notice the man was weak at all. After she asked him, she smiled bitterly.

Ron sighed.

The thing happened four years ago might be the deepest pain in her heart.

It was hard for her to forget the fact that he sent her to prison in person.

He took a deep breath and held up the chair next to him. "Come here."

As he spoke again, Ron's arm, which was holding the chair, had already started to tremble.

Holley walked over and held the man, only to find that his body was trembling, and that his forehead was sweating.

"You... What's wrong with you? "

She said with hesitation.

Ron pulled her into his arms.

All of a sudden, he fell on the chair behind him due to the weight.

He put his head on her shoulder and said in a hoarse voice, "I just want your hug, so I asked you to help me."

Although he knew what she was asking for, and not this, he deliberately avoided the sad topic that was related to four years ago.


Holley was speechless.

But the man's face was much paler than before.

His arms were still powerful, and his chest was still solid.

But finally, he was trembling, out of control.

"Is it really that simple?"

Holley frowned and asked.

She raised her hand with worry and looked for the wound.

This was probably women's intuition.

Her intuition told her that Ron must have been injured or he wouldn't be so weak.

But he didn't look like a dissolute man at all. It seemed that he looked particularly strong every time, no matter how badly he was injured.

"You stupid woman!"

The touching of the little woman was also a sudden attack to Ron.

His heart began pounding.

In the quiet meeting room, there were only the two of them.

His hear

ere? Why did you get hurt? "

She asked with tears in her eyes.

When she had known that he had gone to Mexico without telling her, he had almost lost one of his arms.

Her heart, which she thought would be fortress strong, was captured by him.

The soft corner was always for that man.

Looking at Ron, she was anxious, "why do you still come here since you are injured? Why don't you have a good rest?"

"Because you were wronged here and I was late."

Ron's answer directly touched the softness in Holley's heart.

She was silent.

Ron struggled to stand up and said, "I have confidence in you. Let's go."


She had a lot of things to ask.

But Ron stood there, wobbling. She could not ask any more, but to hold the man.

"Holley ye, you don't look good."

Ron pointed out this point naturally.

Holley felt awkward.

She was really unable to squeeze out a smile.

"Think about it. I'm Scum Ron. You should be happy that I'm hurt. Hurry up and be happy. Otherwise... "

That man stopped at the right time. He looked at his wife with a profound look and then looked at the big table on the conference room in a meaningful way.

"You know it!"

The man whispered in her ear with a mischievous smile.

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