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   Chapter 153 The Smart Man Do the Smart Thing

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That helped him to alienate Mr. Yan and Holley.

Mr. Shen smiled meaningfully at Rex and took his son out of the meeting room.

Rex frowned, but said nothing.

He turned to look at Holley.

The little woman was stunned. It was easy to tell that she was not acting or pretending.

She was more shocked than anyone else present.

She didn't know it earlier than anyone else.

"If you need a legal agent and need me to do it, call me." Rex smiled at Holley and said gentlemanly.

As a person without any shares, he was not eligible to stay in the meeting room.

Besides, with the return of Ron, he was bound to clear up the shareholder's meeting of the group.

It would be inappropriate for him, an outsider, to stay here.

When Rex had turned around and left far away, Holley said in a daze, "yes."

She was so shocked that she lost her mind at that moment.

In fact, what happened today was not an accident at all.

After all, Ron had said that he was going to play a big game of chess, and for him, she was a very important person.

The man said early that the person who would help him win this battle was nobody but Holley.

But she never thought about it at this aspect.

No matter what, she couldn't understand why the man, who had put her behind bars for four years, would transfer so many shares of the company into her name. Moreover, not long after their relationship was set up, the shares were in her name.

It's incredible and Holley couldn't accept it.

She stood there in a daze and looked at Ron blankly for most of the time.

Ron was the mastermind of today's conference. He had foreseen this.

Good! He took the control.

Holding the little woman's hand, Ron turned around and bowed to Francis Chen and Bob Liu seriously. "Thank you very much. you didn't give up your support to the Mu's Group for your personal interests. I know you don't support me, my wife or my family. You two support the group. you hope the company can reform

most important thing for the company is to get money. As long as the capital turnover is guaranteed, you won't be in vain for what you have done. "

He said, quite to the point.

What he meant was clear.

The Gu family just ran a bank overseas.

The only thing the Gu family didn't lack was money.

It just so happened that their dear granddaughter, Miss Gu, had a crush on Mr. Ron again.

If they could get married, he would gain a large sum of money.

Mr. Gu stopped in time.

He paused and continued, "let's talk about the specific cooperation plan in the evening. I will be waiting for you at Banquet House. "

That was the reason why he stayed to the end.

He believed that Ron was a smart man and would not let him down.

He stood up with the support of his granddaughter Hannah and walked out of the meeting room.

All the people left.

Ron didn't move. He just patted the little woman's hand and said, "close the door."

His voice was quite low and hoarse, different from the fervent and passionate atmosphere just now.

Holley was not as muddle-headed as when she just heard the news.

She closed the door and looked back at the man. There was confusion in her eyes.

"Come here!"

"Come and help me..." Ron said.

He was still domineering, but his voice sounded a little weak.

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