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   Chapter 152 Ron Is Here. His Secret

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The two shareholders who were about to leave were originally not very optimistic about Craig.

They didn't agree with Holley at all.

Because Holley had a lot of black history, and she hadn't made any achievements.

But now, the threat of Craig forced them to go to Holley.

They walked to Holley's side and exchanged a glance with each other. One of them said, "Mrs. Holley, I'm Francis Chen. We, the Chen family, had been working for the Mu family since my grandfather. We are dedicated and loyal, so we got 6.3% shares after the Mu's Group was listed. "

Then he pointed to the man beside him who was a little older than him and continued, "he is Bob Liu. He is in the similar situation with me. he had 5.3% shares of the company. I know that all our shares can't exceed 50% in total. but we have confidence in you. What's more, the Mu family has been in charge of Mu's Group for hundreds of years. So, please think of a way to prevent the Mu's Group from being destroyed by outsiders. "

This was their attitude. Bob Liu nodded at them seriously.

Craig was with a grim face.

The moment he stepped onto the stage, someone started to pull the stage down.

"Either of you will give up the shares first, and I will buy it at double the market price."

Craig shouted out very loudly and domineeringly.

For a moment, everyone was shocked.

After a short period of silence, a small shareholder who had been silent stood up and said, "Mr. Lan, I'm willing to give up the shares. I wonder if I can enjoy double treatment."

The reason why Craig made a double offer was to crush the union of Holley and other members.

He didn't want to pay that much to many small shareholders.

But on second thought, it was better to own the shares by himself, rather than let the shares be scattered and controlled by someone who couldn't be controlled by him.

He nodded and said, "double market price is effective for everyone here."

"I am willing to sell my shares."

The shareholder came to Craig and kept butter him up.

Another round of commotion broke out in the meeting room.

Some peopl

een fooled by Ron in the past years.

And he had enjoyed a good time.

"All right, you win!"

Craig knew that he couldn't take over Mu's Group even if he kept fighting. So he left angrily.

Looking at the back of Craig, Linda hesitated for a while and didn't go after him.

She threw herself into Ron's arms and said in a sweet voice, "Ron, do you remember? You said you loved me. You gave me 10% shares just because you couldn't marry me immediately? I was hit and threatened by Mr. Lan, so I had no choice but to support him. I love you. "

These words didn't work on Ron.

He was indifferent to Linda as usual, as if he had never loved her.

He put his arm around the little woman's waist and stepped back.

He avoided Linda's sudden attack.

The embarrassed Linda fell on the ground again in a gesture of dog biting mud.

She cried in pain. Ron waved his hand more cruelly, "haven't I told you to carry her out? I don't allow such a woman to step into the Mu's Group. "

Linda was thrown out of the meeting room.

Mr. Shen knew clearly that he was meaningless to stay here.

If he stayed, he was bringing disgrace on himself.

He stood up and walked past Rex, saying with an evil smile: "Mr. Yan, what is 'husband and wife concentric?' See? As for you, I feel pity for you. You gave the shares to Holley in vain and loved her sincerely. In the end, you were dallied by her. "

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