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   Chapter 151 So Simple and Violent

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The leading shareholder of the board of directors of this meeting, Craig, frowned slightly.

He was about to embarrass the intruder and yelled at him for his impoliteness. Then, he found that the intruder was no one else but Mr. Yan who had allied with him.

Then, Craig changed his attitude.

He squeezed out a friendly smile and walked up to greet Rex, "Mr. Yan, just wait for you to sign the name on the appointment book. We are partners. We will earn money together in the future."

He was brimming with passion.

Rex was emotionless.

He pushed Craig away and made his way to Holley.

Her clothes were all wet. She was sitting on a cold wooden bench alone. Rex frowned.

He quickly took off his suit jacket and helped Holley put it on. Then he grabbed her hand and pulled her up.

"Who dare to bully the first shareholder of Mu's Group?"

Rex seemed to be concerned about Holley Ye.

However, these words were heard by all the shareholders, especially against Craig.

"Mr. Yan, I know you like this woman. It's almost done. We all know that you have withdrawn your shares. "

Although Craig had a bad feeling about this, he forced himself to cheer up and continue to deal with it.


Rex sneered, "Craig, are you out of your mind? When did I cancel the share transfer? "

"Last night you said that and I had video evidence."

Craig emphasized anxiously, and he even played the video again in order not to be embarrassed.

"Craig, are you here to make fun of me? You are such an irresponsible man. How can you be the president of the Mu's Group? "

Others were afraid of the power of Lan family and the ruthlessness of Mr. Lan.

But Rex was not afraid.

Their families were fairly wealthy, and Yan family was even better than Lan family.

Others did not dare to scold Craig, but he dared, and he was quite fierce, "I said, I will solve the equity issue. Because I can't compete against any interests. But that doesn't mean I will withdraw the share transfer. On the contrary, if I have to choose one, as the president of Mu'

e method used by Craig to take control of the Mu's Group was so simple and violent.

That was to purchase shares and then form an alliance.

Looking at the pale faces of Rex and Holley ye, Craig smiled triumphantly.

He was finally relieved.

He pulled back the chair behind Holley, and sat on the spot like a boss.

"Okay, now I declare that I am the president of the Mu's Group from now on."

With a clap, Linda ran over to Craig and kissed him on the cheek.

"Mr. Lan, congratulations!"

"Baby, thank you for your support."

Holley was sick of their unscrupulous public display of affection.

She knew clearly what was going on between Linda and Craig. They were just pretending to be in love.

Two shareholders of justice stood up, shook their hands, and intended to leave.

"You can leave the Mu's Group if you don't support me to be the president. But if you should leave your shares, I'll transfer them at 1.2 times of the current market price. . If you don't support me and don't want to hand over your shares, then don't blame our Lan family for being merciless! "

Although he was flirting with Linda, Craig did not relax for a moment.

He said sternly, pounding the table at the door when he saw someone was about to leave and slap him.

Then he smiled at Holley and said, "Mrs. Holley, you are no exception."

This was an obvious threat!

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