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   Chapter 150 It Was Going to Change

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The rain poured down and hit N City.

The whole city was shrouded in the depression of rainy days.

The holding of the shareholders' meeting and the upcoming appointment of the new president had long been a secret that was not public.

The employees of the Mu's Group were busy in front of the computers, but they kept exchanging information through all kinds of communication applications.

Almost all the employees had reached a consensus that a different day was coming!

A fierce wind suddenly appeared.

Holley had just gotten out of the car with an umbrella. Her clothes were all wet as the wind blew.

Another gust of wind blew her umbrella away.

Ignoring her umbrella, she ran into the Mu's Group.

She was so wet that she had no time to change her clothes.

Because the appointed time was ten o'clock in the morning.

But now, it was already five minutes past ten.

Holley didn't mean to be late.

She had her own difficulties.

Last night, Rex said that he wanted to buy some night snack, but he didn't go back. He just ordered a take out and said a lot of sorry words.

However, the hidden meaning behind those apologies was that he would not come back to the bar tonight and could not accompany her to attend the general shareholder's meeting tomorrow morning.

Holley couldn't guess what had happened to Rex.

But after all, she had nothing to do with Rex. No matter what choice he made, she wouldn't blame him.

However, as for Ron...

Thinking of him, Holley sighed.

In the elevator, she shook off the rain on her clothes. While she was tidying up her clothes, she walked into the meeting room.

"Mrs. Holley, you are late."

Craig even snorted and said disdainfully, "One person didn't even own a little share. How could he be so arrogant and ignore everyone? I've had enough of this kind of person. "

Holley saw Craig and some old acquaintances like Mr. Shen.

Apart from that, she also saw some new faces. Linda went to the general meeting, wearing the ban

resident. With Mr. Lan's suppression on her, it became meaningless.

Craig hadn't come up with any proposal.

Although some calm and sober shareholders wanted to see the feasible solution.

They had too few shares in their hands, and they had no deterrent to speak.

Holley wanted to speak a few times to Craig for the feasibility solution.

However, Linda and some other confidants of Craig were sharp eyed and stood up to express their support before she took actions.

And Craig even prepared a certificate for the appointment of the president.

He passed on it to each shareholder and asked them to sign for him.

As long as he gets more than half of the shareholders' signature, his president appointment contract will come into force.

"Mr. Lan, please give us the feasible reform plan of Mu's Group."

Finally, there was no one who wanted to speak more.

Holley stood up and emphasized this important thing. "There is no reasonable and feasible reform plan. Why can you say that you can bring the Mu's Group to develop?"

"Because I am charming."

Craig was very pleasant and he was willing to crush his opponents, "Because I don't need a feasible solution, I can get approval from the shareholders' meeting. Because I... "

Before he finished his words, the door of the meeting room was suddenly pushed open...

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