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   Chapter 148 No Chance, Create One Opportunity

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There was a saying that we should confront the danger of death with all our might.

Of course, if he couldn't survive, he would die.

At this moment, what Rex was doing was to fight against death and survived.

He pushed himself to a dead end. He left no turning back for himself. He was betting on his kindness to Holley and the affection between them these days.

Rex hoped that he could win the bet and that the little woman would not return the ring.

"Don't you know, Holley ye? I have never thought about using the meaning of this ring to bind you. If I want, the moment you wore the ring, there would be various news reporting that Holley have accepted the hostess' token of Yan family is that Holley have fallen in love with Rex. "

"I never do that, because I really like you, and I want your heart. And the way to get your heart is to treat you sincerely with my heart."

This was Rex's last struggle.

He slowly let go of her hand and reached out his palm. He smiled at Holley and said, "make your decision. Take me as a passer-by or give us a chance. It's all up to you."

Holley's hand trembled as she held the ring.

She was deeply touched and moved in her heart.

All of them were given to her by Rex.

To be honest, Rex was a very considerate and warm man.

After hesitating for a while, Holley finally put the ring in the palm of that man. "I am a woman in a marriage state, and I can't accept this ring."

"You'll divorce Mr. Ron. The Mu's Group will soon be ruined, and Mr. Ron will have nothing to rely on anymore. I've even prepared the divorce agreement and a lawyer for you. "

Rex stressed, which also indicated that he did not accept Holley Ye's reason.

"I had been in prison for four years."

Holley took a deep breath before she opened her mouth again.

"But I don't care."

Rex said seriously.

Holley heaved a sigh and shook her head. "I just have my freedom back. There have been more and more important things happening arou

, right?"

It was Rex who was rejected. At this moment, he should be the one being comforted and directed.

However, he directed her instead.

If she could have met him earlier, everything would be different.

But their meeting was too late.

Holley had one person in her heart, whom she thought she had put down and didn't care.

But in fact, that person had always been in her heart.

After going through so many things in the uninhabited island, Holley was more eager to find out the truth.

But there is no "if" in the world.

So Holley refused him.

She took a deep breath and smiled at Rex: "Mr. Yan, you deserve a better girl."

"But I think there is no one better than you..."

He murmured.

He waved his hand again and opened the program plan made by him, "for our fund and justice, you need to study hard."

Rex smiled mysteriously, "I guess Craig will take out a similar project plan. The biggest obstacle to the plan was that it seemed to gain profits for the development of the Mu's Group. But actually, the Mu's Group would go bankrupt because of this project. You're the No. One shareholder of the Mu's group. You have to be brave enough to debunk and oppress Craig. You should be the most appropriate person to do it. So, listen carefully. I'm going to introduce you the plan now. "

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