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   Chapter 147 Are You Breaking Up With Me

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The environment of the bar was extremely depressed.

Rex stood there with a livid face.

Bella became more and more unscrupulous and arrogant.

Seeing that Holley was still standing in the bar, she grabbed a glass of water on the table and threw it to her.

The cup didn't hit on the direction where Holley stood.

Rex stepped forward, grabbed the cup, and smashed the ceramic cup to the ground.

Then he raised his hand again and slapped hard on Bella's face.

"I never hit women, and I broke my rule today."

Rex said word by word, pointing to the direction of the bar door, "you are not welcome here. Holle and I don't want to see you, either. You can get out now."

Rex remained silent all the time and stood there with a sullen face.

He didn't care about the relationship between Holley and Young Master Lei at all.

He was infuriated by the offensive remarks of Bella.

He was a man and never beat women.

Therefore, he tried his best to control his anger and resentment. However, what Bella said was getting worse and worse. At last, Rex couldn't help but attack her.

After being slapped, Bella felt extremely wronged.

She covered her swollen cheek with one hand, tears streaming down her cheeks.

She had never been wronged since she was a child.

But since that bitch Holley showed up, she had been mistreated again and again.

She was forced to apologize in public, and now she was slapped.

She felt wronged and hated.

She then put on a pitiful and wronged look and said, "Rex, you will regret it. I can give you my heart, but Holley cannot."

"Fuck off!"

Rex acted indifferently, scornfully, or even disgusted with her.

Bella trembled with anger.

She shook her head with desperation at Rex, "I will leave. But remember what I said. Holley won't give you her heart. She won't!"


told him that Holley wanted a special ring that could protect herself.

So he gave the inheritance of each hostess of Yan family to Holley.

Holley had been wearing that ring all the time. But when she came back this time, she didn't have it on her finger. She didn't wear it at all.

"Holley Ye."

He called the little woman's name.

Almost at the same time, Holley called his name.

What a coincidence! It alleviated the embarrassment of Rex.

He and the little woman smiled at each other, feeling warm in their hearts.

Rex, who had always been a gentleman, nodded at Holley and said, "you first."


Holley smiled. Then she took out the ring that Rex gave her from her pocket.

She spoke sincerely, "Mr. Yan, thank you for giving me this ring. Because of it, I have saved many dangers and disasters. But I didn't know that this ring is a token of the hostess of Yan family. If I had known it earlier, I would not have accepted it. "

She paused and stuffed the ring into Rex's hand.

Rex held the ring tightly, and held Holley Ye's hand as well. "It is my love for you, Holley Ye. If you return the ring, you are going to break up with me and take a path as a passer-by. Do you understand? "

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