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   Chapter 146 You Go. We Don't Want to See You

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At noon the next day.

The luxury cruise ship of the Lei family was docked at the wharf of N City.

With the company of Young Master Lei and Teresa, Holley got off the cruise.

Soon, a large number of reporters swarmed up, surrounding them in the crowd.

Just as he said last night, Young Master Lei had handed over the imaginative pictures to the media.

The media journalists asked the same question as Young Master Lei expected last night.

Young Master Lei answered almost the same as last night.

The crowd was boiling with excitement.

Because according to the instruction of Young Master Lei, the woman he was going to marry was Holley beside him.

A reporter questioned to Holley, "Miss ye, I heard that you and Mr. Ron are not divorced, right? But you and Mr. Yan have told us that you are engaged. Now you are with Young Master Lei again. Why did you choose Young Master Lei at last? Is it because he is richer and more powerful? "

'Rich plus powerful? Or rich plus strong sexual ability?'

Holley's thoughts went far. She always felt that the question that reporter asked her was a pun.

However, Young Master Lei's smiling face was not as good as he was when he was facing the reporters just now.

He had heard with his own ears that the relationship between Holley and Rex was ambiguous, and they even reached the point of marriage.

The Yan family had deep hatred with the Lei family.

Holley was a very special person who had something to do with that man.

After a comprehensive consideration, Young Master Lei finally decided to marry Holley.

To this end, he could tolerate a lot of things, but he could not tolerate that Holley still had the person from Yan family in her heart.

His pupils contracted violently, and his hands clenched into fists.

He looked extremely cruel.

But his reaction, the media didn't realize, was out of anger to Mr. Yan and hatred to the Yan family.

They thought Young Master Lei was annoye

a was still immersed in her own world saying those things.

After saying that, she found that Rex did not look at her, but at the door.

What was more attractive at the door than what she said?

She raised her head and saw Holley. The sight of her infuriated her.

"You bitch! You dare to mess with Mr. Yan. You still have a face to come back to find him. Are you going to pretend to be a pitiful girl in your youth? You should say that you are innocent and that Young Master Lei forced you to do so. Or do you want to say that you are innocent and Young Master Lei didn't touch you at all? "

Bella was so harsh at the moment.

Rex suddenly stood up.

His eyes flashed a murderous look.

"Rex, you need to see clear what this woman is. Don't be fooled by her anymore. "

Rex still didn't speak, but stood there with a formidable aura around him.

Bella was secretly happy and she believed that it was because of the affair between Holley and Young Master Lei that Rex saw through the woman.

If it was in the past, Rex would surely speak for Holley long time ago.

"Bitch, get out of here. We don't want to see you. "

In Bella's view, as long as there was no Holley, Rex will like her.

So unconsciously, she regarded herself as Rex's girlfriend, and even used the word "we" to describe.

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