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   Chapter 145 I Will Be Responsible for My Woman

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6405

Updated: 2020-01-28 00:12

Young Master Lei had been observing the woman in front of him since he dragged her into his room.

Strangely, he was excited and even expectant to see the little woman in front of him to struggle in panic.

But he was disappointed with Holley's reaction.

From the beginning till now, that little woman was always cool. She was not afraid of his existence and did not take coming to his room as a matter.

He had never noticed that she was fixing her eyes on him.

"What can you see behind the door?"

Young Master Lei suddenly shouted arrogantly.

Holley turned back and smiled, "if I look carefully, I can hear the voice."

"What did you hear again?"

Young Master Lei asked.

"I heard the sound of someone taking Roger away. The person who took him away must lock him up temporarily instead of asking him to get off the ship," Holley continued with a calm smile. When your goal is achieved, Young Master Lei, Roger will be freed. "

"You know what I want, but you still dare to come. Don't you know that I'm a tiger and will eat people? "

He raised his hand and looked like a tiger pouncing on its prey.

Holley was amused by him. "Young Master Lei, you really don't plan to eat me. If you really want to eat me, why did you threaten me with Roger? I'm on your boat now. You can do whatever you want. I know you're a gentleman, Young Master Lei. I'm sure you don't want to eat someone. "

She analyzed with a cunning smile.

She hit the target precisely.

Young Master Lei didn't want to admit it, because if he admitted it, that meant he caved in.

"Don't you worry what if I really want to eat someone?"

He lowered his voice, pretending to be very frightening. He approached Holley and directly pressed her against the door.

They kept a relatively safe distance between them, without any physical touch because of the kabe don.

"Of course I'm afraid. But Young Master Lei,


Seeing that the little woman finally knew to be scared and flustered, Young Master Lei patted her shoulder kindly and comforted her, "think about it. These are just a side of my story. I will say it. Someone else, listen to it and the media spread it. Is it better than my original plan that I do really have something with you?"

That was a fallacy.

But it sounded reasonable.

If it had been in the past, Holley would have been happy to hear such news.

After all, it would ruin Ron's face.

But now, she didn't want such a thing to happen at all.

"Young Master Lei, even if you have done what you plan to do, Ron may not divorce me."

Holley stressed on an important thing.

However, her words exposed herself to Young Master Lei.

"You said 'may not'. Judging from your tone, you seem to have no confidence in Ron."

Young Master Lei said jokingly, shaking his glass again.

Staring at Holley through the glass of tempting liquor, Young Master Lei asked coolly, "do you remember that we said we wanted to bet on the shooting, but we failed. I think we should gamble again. This time, let's bet on the attitude of Ron towards you. If he doubts and distrusts you, you lose the game, and if he believes you, I lose the game. what do you think? "

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