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   Chapter 144 Excessive Demands

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A restless day finally entered into peace as the night fell.

Holley finally felt at ease.

It was already dark. Now the indicators on the clock were pointing at zero.

Holley counted the time in mind.

At last, the clock passed twelve.

Holley yawned with fatigue. She lied down more comfortably and covered herself with the quilt.

But she was wrong about Young Master Lei's night life time.

Everything just started at the midnight.

With a low set night, the glistening waves were shining with the moonlight.

When Holley was about to fall asleep, a sudden knock on the door startled her to come back to her senses.

She couldn't fall asleep anymore. She wrapped herself with the coat and walked carefully to the door.

"Who's that?"

She asked quite alertly. If it was Young Master Lei outside the door, she would pretend to die as if she just had said in her dream.

"Miss ye, it's me, Roger..."

The man outside told his identity in a bitter voice.

Holley didn't believe his words. She opened the door slightly and saw that it was really Roger. Then she opened the door completely.

"Why are you here?"

Holley asked in puzzle.

Didn't Ron go to deal with something important? Why didn't he bring Roger with him?

When she smelt the blood, Holley took a step back instinctively.

With such a distance, she could see things more clearly.

She could see clearly that the bandages tied Roger couldn't stop the blood from flowing out of his body.

"No, how did you get injured? Did something happen to Ron? Is he all right? "

In an instant, Holley had thought a lot.

She was wondering whether it was because of the accident that Roger brought his last words here.

She couldn't help but wonder what on earth had happened to Ron?

She also hoped that everything bad would not happen to that man.

Roger lowered his head. Despite his great guilt, he had to tell her the truth. "Young Master asked me to follow the cruise ship of the Lei family to protect you

you were going to die? You should know that Young Master Lei is a man who will do whatever he has decided to do. Even without you, he would still find someone else to threaten me. They were only different in terms of time. Besides, you are sent by Ron to protect me. I won't let anything happen to you. "


Roger hesitated again.

He was not an idiot.

It was late at night. Young Master Lei asked Miss ye to sit in his room. Everyone could understand his subtext.

Once she went, she and Young Master...

"I'll be fine. Where is Young Master Lei's room? Show me the way."

Holley had made up her mind.

It seemed that it was impossible to hide away from the matter with Young Master Lei.

Since she could not escape, she went straight to the point.

Led by Roger, Holley came to Young Master Lei's room.

She raised her hand to knock the door, but the door was pulled open by Young Master Lei.

Looking at Holley, he was smiling.

He looked at Roger with contempt.

Roger's body began to tremble. It seemed that he was extremely afraid of Young Master Lei.

"Get out now."

Young Master Lei then waved at Roger, as if he was dealing with a beggar, "you are not allowed to go there within ten miles of our cruise ship."

Then he dragged Holley into the house.

The door was closed and locked...

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