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   Chapter 143 Possessing Her

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Even though young Mr. Lei's face couldn't be seen through the door, Holley could still imagine what a furious eggplant would look like.

The more she thought about it, the more she laughed. She stood there alone, with her hands around her stomach, leaning against the door and chuckling.

"Well, I can promise you that you can choose a style you like, either young handsome boy or uncle like, and I can control."

Hearing this, Holley couldn't smile.

What did young Mr. Lei say?

How could he say yes?

Feeling that he was crazy, Holley stood up and said through the door, "well, I still have to think about it."

"Think about what?"

young Mr. Lei asked.

"What kind of appearance to gain via plastic surgery for you?"

Holley said seriously.

But young Mr. Lei was never easy to deal with.

Young Mr. Lei wasn't sent away by such answer.

"You have plenty of time. Take it easy. Since you are fine in all other aspects, I think we should get engaged first. Although you and Mr. Ron haven't divorced yet, you don't need to worry about it. As for the divorce, I'll help you solve it. "

young Mr. Lei said confidently.

His impatient expression made Holley think that it was not that simple.

'Was there any plot?'

While she was thinking, she heard the sound of unlocking the door.

"Young Master Lei!"

She called the man's name anxiously. "There's another thing. I don't know your name either."

"Don't you know?"

young Mr. Lei asked in confusion, "you called my name just now..."

"Do you mean your name is Young Master Lei?"

Holley rubbed her forehead.

She had always thought that it was others' respect to him, but she did not expect that it was a name.

Outside the door, Young Master Lei nodded casually, "yes, I'm Young Master Lei. Everyone calls me Young Master Lei."

Holley started to think highly of the naming standard of Lei family.

As the door was about to be pried open, Holley had no other mind. "Wait a minute. I have s

at year.

he took a deep breath.

Young Master Lei put down the pills.

He was struggling in his mind. He picked up and put down the pills again and again.

A voice from the inter phone interrupted his thoughts.

"Young Master Lei, we found a stalker near the cruise ship. He's been with our cruise for more than one day. We confirmed that there was something wrong with him before we arrest him. But he insisted that he wanted to see you. He said that the people sent him here had a very good friendship with you. He also said that if we didn't tell you this news, we would die a miserable death. "

"Where is he?"

Young Master Lei was grateful to this unexpected situation.

At least, he could get busy and didn't have to think about Holley Ye and Jane Yin.

She put down the pills and locked the drawer.

He came to the first floor of the cabin where all kinds of bad things happened.

Looking at the man who was caught, Young Master Lei suddenly burst into laughter.

He was not tangled anymore.

Because he came up with a more perfect way to separate Holley and Ron.

He didn't have to worry about whether to take medicine or to be sorry for Jane Yin.

Everything was fate!

It was God who was fulfilling him and Holley, otherwise he wouldn't send Roger to the door at this critical moment.

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