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   Chapter 142 The Temptation of Profit

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Then Ron left.

As soon as he got off the ship, young Mr. Lei appeared directly in front of Holley.

"Hello, Young Master Lei."

After hearing Ron's analysis, Holley began to think that young Mr. Lei was not a good man.

Unconsciously, her attitude towards young Mr. Lei also changed.

"What? Did Mr. Ron speak ill of me behind my back? "

Young Mr. Lei was so clever that he immediately guessed the truth.

Holley shaking her hand, "No, it's not what you think."

"Are you blaming me for making Mr. Ron misunderstand us just now when i was drunk?"

Young Mr. Lei frowned and asked in guilty.

"Young Master Lei, you did it on purpose just now. You were setting me up."

Holley didn't show weakness, so she exposed the man's hypocritical apology.

This time, it was young Mr. Lei's turn to be embarrassed.

Although he had some loopholes in his performance.

But he never thought that an innocent girl like Holley could see through.

But the woman in front of him had discovered it.


young Mr. Lei admitted directly, "I did it on purpose. I hoped Mr. Ron would think that something that shouldn't have happened between you and me had happened."

"Were you going to do that in order to fulfill Miss Lei's wish? Did you want Mr. Ron to divorce me because of the misunderstanding you made?"

Holley again caught the point.

Her analysis was right. Although she only guessed half of the plan, it was not easy.

Because of the other reason, even young Mr. Lei knew it just by coincidence.

Young Mr. Lei nodded and didn't disguise his ambition. "Yes, that's it. Moreover, I will marry you, make you Mrs. Lei, and give you supreme honor. We will respect each other and love each other till we get old. I'm a very conservative man. I won't date with other women outside and I won't let you have the trouble of being hurt by a mistress. "

"You don't need to worry about any illegitimate child matter at all. As for the property in my family, half

ver, young Mr. Lei, who had always been invincible, was snubbed by Holley once again.

Holley was happy that young Mr. Lei would give her time to think whether to accept it or not.

In a word, she had sent away young Mr. Lei. It would be perfect if she didn't meet him.

A day later, young Mr. Lei couldn't wait anymore.

He knocked at the door of Holley's room.

Holley didn't open the door. She expressed her thought through the door, "I'll think about it."

Her behavior of not saying yes or no was tantalizing.

Young Mr. Lei had been tantalized the whole day. He couldn't bear it anymore and said, "What are you unsatisfied with? We can discuss everything calmly."

"Everything you offered is great, but I don't really get used to your face."

Holley suggested, trying to make young Mr. Lei embarrassed.

Everyone's face was naturally born. The plastic surgery was the only way to improve one's appearance.

But due to young Mr. Lei's identity, he would never do a plastic surgeon for her sake.

Therefore, Holley was confident that she could easily get rid of young Mr. Lei.

When he didn't say anything, Holley waved her hand generously like him and said, "well, you should go back and think carefully. You need to think clearly about such an important thing. We have plenty of time anyway. "

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