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   Chapter 141 The Trump Card to Deal With That Man

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After weighing the pros and cons, Ron nodded and agreed with young Mr. Lei.

But his attitude was so bad.

He grabbed Holley's hand and left directly without saying a word.

In the cruise ship of the Lei family, there was a special room for Ron.

Avoiding all the people, he broke into the room. Ron took the lead to lock the door.

Looking at the man, Holley had a bad feeling.

But she was also a victim.

Was there a way for her to send away young Mr. Lei who had plotted against her?

"Ron, what you saw..."

She wanted to explain, but was stopped by the man.

His long index finger was just put between her lips by the man.

"Cut the crap."

Ron replied calmly.


Holley replied in embarrassment. Perhaps that man was just unsatisfied with losing his face. It had nothing to do with her.

Her mind was somewhat erratic.

"What are you thinking about?" Ron suddenly raised his voice.


Holley shouted in a low voice and took three steps back.

Noticing that she lost her balance, Ron raised his hand and directly held her waist. With a strong pull, he pulled her into his arms.

The man used his right hand.

Holley asked, "How is your hand?"

Ron said nothing but unbuttoned his shirt.

Under the shirt, the skin of his arm was smooth, white and delicate.

Holley couldn't help swallowing her saliva. "Do you really recover so well? What scar removing product do you use? Could you introduce it to me? "

"The same as the day when Mr. Yan tested me."

There was no scar product or specific medicine.

Only Ron's determination to hide his injury.

No matter how hard he tried to explain, he was the first one to rush to Mexico after the riot.

And no matter what kind of excuse he had found for his behavior, he was also willing to use his contacts and resources to hire someone to investigate the identity


Holley complained in a low voice.

Ron laughed indifferently. "You're nervous. You're stiff. Do you think I should say something interesting so that you can relax?"

Holley was indeed very nervous.

She thought if Young Master Lei really treated her badly, it would be of no use for her to do.

Asking for help? No one would save her.

Resistance? Nor could she be a match for young Mr. Lei.

Begging? She was afraid that he would change his mind for her begging.

Holley heaved a sigh and curled her lips. "Who would like to be bullied? But I really don't know how to fight back."

"Now, you finally realize how important I am as your husband,"

Ron patted his chest and declared proudly.

Holding the little woman in his arms tightly, he lowered his body and whispered by her ears, "it's easy to deal with Young Master Lei. I have a trump card, and you can defeat him immediately if you use it. The trump card is... "

After hearing that, Holley nodded as if she finally understood but she was still uneasy. "What if I screw it up? Or the trump card doesn't work?"

"Don't be so formal. Kick the key parts of his body and then jump off the ship."

Ron then spread out his hands and asked, "is that not difficult?"

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