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   Chapter 140 The Woman He Is Determined to Get

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6601

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Breathing heavily, young Mr. Lei suddenly opened his eyes.

His eyes were bloody red, and there were faint tears. "I killed my fiancee myself. She fell in my arms and said that it wasn't my fault..."

Holley shouted in a low voice.

She thought that as an elderly man who hadn't been married all the time just because he was a little bit hurt in love. At most he was dumped by a woman.

But she didn't expect that it would be so painful when young Mr. Lei was not married.

She couldn't imagine how painful it was to kill his beloved one.

But she was led by the love of young Mr. Lei and felt a heartache.

Originally, she cautiously hid near the door, and prepared to push the door to escape when there was an emergency.

However, when she heard young Mr. Lei's words, her heart softened. She walked over and said, "don't think about it anymore. Let bygones be bygones. Your fiancee doesn't want you to be suffering. "

"Well, Holley, she told me so. She knew that she was dying. She didn't allow me to ask people to rescue her. She just held my hand and said that she wanted me to be happy and she wanted me not to be painful. She said that if I was painful, she would hate me all my life. "

"Holley, I feel hurt in my heart, but I have been refraining from speaking it out..."

He had made a fist, constantly smashing the sofa armrest beside him.

Probably it was because the drinking had worked that young Mr. Lei passed out in a daze.

He grabbed Holley's hand and pressed her under his body.

"Young Master Lei, wake up!"

"You pressed on my arm."

"Young Master Lei!"

No matter what Holley said, young Mr. Lei was in a trance.

Holley doubted whether this young Mr. Lei did it on purpose at the beginning.

But now, she wavered.

Maybe young Mr. Lei was really drunk?

She sighed and tried to push away young Mr. Lei who was much heavier than Mount Tai.

One of her arms was pressed under the body of young Mr. Lei, and it was


Young Mr. Lei chased up. When he spoke, his voice was clear and his face was sober.

Holley knew that she was framed.

But she could not tell how bitter it was.


Stopping Ron, young Mr. Lei calculated between his fingers, "the day after tomorrow seems to be the day your Dark Night Organization send Mrs. Holley back. But in the past few days, almost all the forces in N City were searching for the whereabouts of Mrs. Holley. Even Mr. Yan, Mr. Lan and Mr. Shen reached an agreement to take Mr. Ron as Dark Night Priest. Do you think it's appropriate to send her back to N City at this time? "

The answer was obvious. It was not suitable.

Unless Ron planned to give up his plan and expose his secret identity early.

However, this wasn't Ron's plan.

After a short pause, he asked, "what do you want?"

"Stay on our cruise ship for another two days. My sister and I will send Mrs. Holley home the day after tomorrow, so that no one will doubt anymore? Just consider it as my apology for what I just did to her. As you see, the relationship between us is not so convenient to talk about money, right? "

young Mr. Lei seemed to put forward a suggestion for Ron, but in his heart, he had already come up with a new plan.

Holley was the woman that he was determined to have.

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