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   Chapter 139 Losing His Consciousness After Drinking

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Holley was totally confused.

Between her and Ron...

Closing her eyes slightly, she sighed softly.

When she sighed, Young Mr. Lei had fired two shots. Each shot was close to the tenth ring.

"Young Master Lei, why don't you get married at such an age?"

Now that it was a psychological battle that would reveal the scar in the bottom of one's heart, she would just be rude.

Hearing Holley's question, young Mr. Lei did hit the target at all with his third bullet.

At the same time, Teresa ran to Holley's side and said, "don't ask. You can't ask him this question."

She reminded Holley in a low voice.

After all, this matter had been a pain in her brother's heart, and he had never allowed anyone to mention it.

Holley narrowed her eyes slightly and saw young Mr. Lei lying there angrily.

Although he was still aiming at the target, his shooting skill was surprisingly wrong. After two shots in a row, he missed the target.

Then young Mr. Lei gave up the competition directly.

He stood up and turned his back to Holley, "you win. If you want to investigate something, just tell my sister."

Then he walked out of the shooting room.

Holley stood up hurriedly and grabbed Teresa's hand. "What's wrong with your brother?"

"Let bygones be bygones. You are not to be blamed for what happened today. It's all my brother's fault. He was the one who should be blamed for exposing your scars. If he behaves himself, you won't break his heart. You haven't recovered yet. Let's go back and have a rest. "

Teresa didn't mention the past at all, just distracted the topic.

Holley shook her head and said, "I know the way to go back. You go and see Young Master Lei."

"No. My brother will be okay to be alone. But you, tell me, what do you want to investigate? "

Teresa changed the topic again.

Holley stopped talking about young Mr. Lei. After a while, she said, "in fact, there are only three things I want to investigate. I've talked about the

ka. Young Mr. Lei patted his sister on the shoulder and said, "Last night you must be tired too. Go to sleep. Your brother is fine."

After sending Teresa away, young Mr. Lei knocked on the door of Holley's room.

Holley opened the door, and the smell of alcohol overwhelmed her.

"Young Master Lei, you get to the wrong room."

After saying that, she was about to close the door.

But young Mr. Lei was not that weak. He just had two cups of vodka.

He immediately leaned against the door and said, "Holley, don't misunderstand me. I won't do anything to you even if I drink some wine. I won't do anything disturbing after I drank. I'm here to explain to you about what happened before. i don't hold any opinion against you. What you asked just now makes my heart ache. "

Pointing at his own heart, young Mr. Lei sighed, "Holley, can't you stop me at the door? I rarely have someone to confide about my past. Can't you allow me to talk inside?"

Holley was worried, so she tried to refuse him. At last, young Mr. Lei managed to squeeze into the room and sat on the sofa.

Closing his eyes slightly, he was lost in thought and also immersed in painful memories.

"You ask me why I'm single. Yes, I'm old now. Why don't I get married? Because my fiancee, she... "

young Mr. Lei laughed wildly in pain.

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