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   Chapter 138 Do You Care or Not

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Young Mr. Lei was devastated, and Holley was dumbfounded.

Judging from what he said, it seemed that Ron had already asked him to investigate the matter of Moore.

But how could that man do this?

She didn't believe it. Shaking her head slightly, she asked, "did Ron also ask you to investigate?"

"Of course."

Young Mr. Lei took a deep breath, which was full of depression in his heart. "After the riot, Mr. Ron had sent me a memory card of Moore's cellphone and asked me to check who hurt him. It was also hard to investigate. Someone had tampered with the memory card of Moore's mobile phone. The card was attacked by a large number of virus, and it would take only a few months to restore the content in the card."

He spread his hands, which indicated his breakdown and helplessness.

He was afraid that Holley would ask him something more difficult for him to investigate, so he made a gesture to stop her. "Today is unfavorable. It is not a good time for you to talk about things with me. Let's talk about the investigation when we finish the gambling tomorrow. "

Then he pointed to the computer, "hurry up. Don't forget that guy."

"Young Master Lei, you won't go back on your word, will you?"

Holley asked with concern.

Young Mr. Lei was vexed. "What can I do to go back my words? But you, didn't you collude with Ron to make fun of me? "

Holley shook her head. She really didn't know those matters.

Teresa spoke to break the embarrassment, "don't worry, Miss Ye. My brother is a man of his word. Don't worry. "

It took more than six hours for Holley to sit in front of the computer.

She repeatedly composed the face of the murderer and revised it. At last, she finally handed out a face picture that she was 100% satisfied with.

Tired as she was, she fell asleep as soon as she heard young Mr. Lei say there was no problem.

Teresa pushed her brother with some complaints and said, "look at Miss Ye. It's all your fault. If anything happens to her, how can we face Mr. Ron? "

les of the competition, "this is a mobile target field. You and my brother each have ten bullets. The one who finishes the highest number of shooting in a short time wins. Of course, it's worth mentioning that my brother promised Miss ye that he would let you shoot three times more, so he shot seven times and you shot ten times. "

Young Mr. Lei rubbed his forehead, "why do I feel that you are not like my sister? Are you afraid that I will go back on my word, so you told her that I will make concession of three gunshots? Don't you know that when the competition is over, I will personally speak out to be humble? "

"I don't know."

Teresa smiled and took two guns.

She skillfully put the guns up and put them up one by one. "Please."

Young Mr. Lei fired three blank shots. Then he said slowly, "Miss ye, I think your relationship with Mr. Ron is a little strange. Why don't you know exactly what Mr. Ron has done? What's more strange is that you don't care about the relationship between Mr. Ron and my sister at all. What do you think? Is that out of logic?"

"Brother, you're a liar!"

Teresa complained.

"The competition between us is about the sniper rifles. Of course, it's a psychological battle. It's a real competition. If Miss Ye feel it's unfair, you can quit now. "

Young Mr. Lei expressed his idea seriously.

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