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   Chapter 137 I Am Conservative

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"Brother, are you crazy?"

Teresa only felt that her brother was a little strange today.

Normally, he wouldn't be so cruel to innocent people.

Suddenly, Holley grabbed Teresa's hand and said, "Don't blame Young Master Lei. It's concerned with the murderer who tried to kill your family in secret. We should keep it a secret and not let others know."

After saying that, she looked at young Mr. Lei and continued, "but I was hurt because of you two. You and your sister have to compensate me."

"Okay, no problem."

Young Mr. Lei agreed readily. "What do you want me to make up?"

"If I win in gambling, you have to help me investigate two things at the same time. If I lose, you have to help investigate one thing. "

There was determination in Holley's eyes.

It was her decision.

Young Mr. Lei thought that Holley might be crazy.

When she got injured, she didn't think of treatment to her injury first but a trade.

Was this woman so scheming?

He began to question her. But he said to her coldly, "Holley, I have to remind you that if you want to make a trade in exchange, I can refuse to treat your injury. If you don't get treated for this, it will take a long time to recover and you may die. You'd better ask me to cure your wound. "

Teresa rolled her eyes at her brother.

"Brother, I think you are the one who want to take advantage of her."

She grabbed Holley's hand and promised, "don't worry. I know how to save you. You don't have to be threatened by my brother."

"Do I have a fake sister?"

Young Mr. Lei rubbed his forehead in embarrassment.

"I owe you two a favor. Just two things. "

As he said, he looked at Holley with some contempt. "But now, can you compete with me on shooting?"

"Let me have a try."

Holley struggled to stand up.

But she was too weak. As soon as she stood up, she fell back to the seat.

"It seems that I have to investigate one thing for you,"

Young Mr. Lei made the d

han three years ago, Mr. Ron asked us to help him investigate the event. But unfortunately, there is still no clue after so many years. "

Young Mr. Lei was telling the truth.

Although he found out something else related to Holley, it had nothing to do with the car accident that year.

"Did he ask you to help him? Three years ago? "

Holley was absent-minded.

'Three years ago, she was still in prison.

And that man has declared to the public that the biggest mistake in his life was to marry her, Holley Ye.

At that time, he was deeply in love with Linda.

How could he have the heart to investigate those things for her?'

"Yes, what's wrong?"

Teresa and his brother didn't understand Holley's reaction.

Almost with one voice, they asked in reply.

"Nothing. I just knew about it recently. I didn't expect that it took so long but there was still no result."

Holley heaved a sigh and added, "then I will tell you the second thing."

"Go ahead,"

"I want to investigate whether the riot Moore had encountered in Mexico was caused by accident or by man. If it was man-made, who did it? "

After thinking for a while, Holley chose this matter.

Young Mr. Lei was on the verge of breaking down. He almost knelt down to Holley. "Are you conspired with Ron to cheat me?"

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