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   Chapter 136 Fatal Attraction

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Sure enough, young Mr. Lei knew that was a trick, but he was trapped.

"You're trying to goad me into action. But it will be helpful to me. Let me tell you, there is nothing that the black market can't find out in the world. "

He promised, patting his chest.

Holley didn't believe, "That's not true. The truth that has been found out in ten years is the same as that in a few days?"

"Then give me the time limit!"

Young Mr. Lei said with confidence.

"Three months,"

"No, I don't need it. A month is enough. If I can't find out anything you want within a month, I will investigate one more thing for you without pay. Don't you have something else to investigate? "

His promise delighted Holley secretly.

She didn't believe that young Mr. Lei would figure out the truth in a month.

If possible, he won!

She said cautiously, "we have to write the words down."

"Of course."

Young Mr. Lei was very confident and said yes.

He looked at Holley arrogantly. "But you don't have to be so considerate. Maybe you are not my opponent. So, it's too early for you to be happy now. "

His reminding calmed Holley down in an instant.

Right, they had a bet.

But what she said just now sounded like that young Mr. Lei had promised to help her investigate the matter.


Holley thought it was a rare chance for her to get things settled as soon as possible.

"When the hypnosis is over, after you have a day off, we can gamble."

In fear that Holley would be afraid of him, young Mr. Lei added, "you can rest assured. I have always been a man of my word. I will keep my promise."

"Thank you very much."

On the island of Ron.

Teresa woke up.

She suffered from a blow on her back.

She struggled to sit up, stumbled out of bed and pushed the door.

While she was looking for her brother, she only saw that Roger was outside her room.

"Where is my brother?"

"He's gone." Roger answered with bowed head.

"Where is Miss ye?"

"She's gone."


Holley to be injured, which was the last thing he wanted to see.

He turned his head with displeasure to see who dared to disobey his order.

Seeing his sister, young Mr. Lei didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Miss, I've worked hard to create an opportunity for you. Why don't you seize it? There are only two people, Ron and you, a man and a woman, in the desert island. An excellent woman like you is a fatal attraction and temptation to Mr. Ron. Why did you suddenly come back? "

At the moment, Teresa had seen something wrong with Holley.

She felt guilty.

Holley was involved because of her and suffered an undeserved catastrophe. It was a bad thing that she was forcibly taken to the cruise ship of the Lei family.

But now, because of her forced way, Holley got hurt.

After letting out a sigh, Teresa went straight to Holley regardless of her brother. "Are you okay?"

This question made Teresa let out a sigh. She asked a silly question.

She spat out blood. How could she be okay?

"Brother, call a doctor here."

Teresa was responsible for taking care of Holley and her brother called a doctor. There was a perfect division of work.

Young Mr. Lei rushed over and locked the door again.

He looked at Holley and shook his head, "no need to call the doctor. It's not that serious. She won't die."

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