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   Chapter 135 An Arrogant Man and a Pretty Woman

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6671

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Although young Mr. Lei was trying to hide, the moment he caught Holley's hand, the fierce light flashed in his eyes revealing his true feelings.

Holley's heart sank.

young Mr. Lei took her away. There was not much malice.

But if she was put in danger because of the ring, it was not worth it.

After thinking for a while, Holley shook her head. "Yes, I know Mr. Yan, but I know him just because I attended a banquet with Ron."

She paused and looked at the ring. "But I asked Eleanor to help me make this ring. It has nothing to do with Mr. Yan."

She chose to tell a lie.

young Mr. Lei looked at Holley with uncertainty. He couldn't judge if the woman in front of him was telling the truth.

Because the ring means a lot to the Yan family.

It was impossible for Holley to have such an important token.

But judging from her tone, he did not think she was lying.

"You'd better not lie to me."

young Mr. Lei threatened her.

Then he let go of her.

Since she wanted to deceive him, she had to finish it.

In a fluster, Holley took the ring off her finger, "Was there something wrong with this ring? But Eleanor won't hurt me. "

She was there, whispering to herself.

She had just spoken in a proper voice.

Young Mr. Lei heard it clearly.

He almost believed that Holley might not know the meaning of the ring.

"The Lei family and the Yan family are mortal enemies."

young Mr. Lei said with a menacing look.

Holley was shocked. The ring fell to the ground. She picked it up and asked, "but, is it nothing to do with the ring?"


Young Mr. Lei said resolutely. "This ring is a token of the Yan family. It's the symbol of the identity of each hostess of the Yan family."

"Clang", the ring fell to the ground again.

Holley was frightened.

She indeed knew that Rex had some thoughts and ideas for her.

But she didn't know that Rex was so fond of her that he even gave her the family heirloom.

Eleanor had told her before that

what if you agree? "

"No way!"

Young Mr. Lei straightened his face. "you just make the investigation easily. If you don't want to cooperate with me, the black market can also find a way to investigate it. And if you don't cooperate with me, you will have a hard time. "

He struck with threats. Holley sighed softly.

Young Mr. Lei didn't know why, but when he saw the woman sighing beside him, he felt very annoyed.

He was sticking to his principle of never getting any loss. Why did it look like he bullied that woman?

With his eyebrows frowned, young Mr. Lei thought for a while and said, "well, I'll give you a chance to compete with me on marksmanship. We will compete using sniper rifles that you are good at. If you win, I'll make an exception to investigate one thing for you. If you lose, please cooperate with me. Don't think about getting any benefit from me. "

"Can't you help me investigate a few more things?"

Holley pursed her lips slightly.

She wasn't greedy. She just wanted to find out the truth since she had so many things to investigate.

Young Mr. Lei frowned and said, "woman, being greedy is no good."

"Maybe you are too weak to investigate many things, Young Master Lei?" Holley tactfully responded.

She didn't believe that a haughty man could be immune to radicalization.

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