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   Chapter 134 Sparks

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Holley still didn't say anything.

She didn't say anything because she thought it was not that simple for Teresa to be knocked down.

She even couldn't believe that the man was in the video.

As expected, the man smiling weirdly at Holley was nowhere to be seen in the video.

What was worse, it was Holley who raised the stick and gave Teresa a blow.

"What else do you want to say?"

Young Mr. Lei who raised his gun was more furious.

He roared, almost pulling the trigger with his index finger.

Ron grabbed young Mr. Lei's hand and said, "we found that someone had tampered with the monitoring video."

He pictured the scene where Holley raised the stick.

The picture was fixed to the maximum and there were flaws and something that couldn't be connected with the previous scene.

This was clumsy editing.

Young Mr. Lei sneered, "Mr. Ron, this is your secret base. Do you want to say that the surveillance was tampered to resolve this issue when my sister was hurt at your secret base?"

"I will find the murder."

Ron was decisive in his decision.

Young Mr. Lei seized Holley's neck and said, "Mr. Ron, I'll take your woman away. If you can't find the murder, you will never see her again. "

Young Mr. Lei held his gun and seized tightly around Holley's neck.

Ron didn't dare to act rashly.

He frowned and looked at Holley, "can you give me any clue?"

"Yes, it's a man. He looked weird when he smiled. He showed up in an instant and disappeared after hitting Miss Lei. He appeared too fast. He was just an ordinary man. There was nothing special on his face. Even if I see him again, I can't recognize him. "

Holley told the truth because the man who beat Teresa was just smiling weirdly without any feature. So she didn't defend herself.

Since it was not her, there must be a murdere

on, things would be more smooth.

"Although it's not you, I suppose that you have seen the real murderer. I have a highly skilled hypnotist who can restore everything that happened in the past. I need you to describe the man's general appearance through hypnosis. I know Mr. Ron's personality. Although he doesn't like my sister, he is not a blackguard. The one who hurt my sister must have a grudge against our Lei family. My sister likes Mr. Ron. She told me that he was in a critical moment and I couldn't get her into trouble. I have been used to be an arrogant man. I can take you away with a random excuse. "

Speaking of this, Mr. Lei suddenly smiled maliciously. "If I leave my sister and Mr. Ron alone on the desert island, will they sparks?"

Holley looked a little sullen.

She did not answer young Mr. Lei's question but calmly looked into the distance.

"You're so boring. Mr. Ron is your husband. He has always been affectionate to you. How can you not care about him? Or you were too moved by his love for you, so... "

young Mr. Lei stopped talking abruptly.

He stared at the ring on Holley's finger.

Suddenly, he grabbed Holley's hand and asked, "what's your relationship with Yan family?"

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