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   Chapter 133 Do Everything for You

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Holding Holley's arm, Teresa stopped after they walked into the villa.

She turned back and looked at Ron, "Miss ye, do you know why Mr. Ron told you what I like to drink most?"

Without waiting for Holley to answer this question, Teresa said by herself, "don't think too much. Mr. Ron doesn't like me. The reason why he told you that I like to drink Mocha is not that he remembers all my preferences. He is just protecting you. He knows that I like him, so he thinks that if he gives me a little hope, let me think that perhaps I am in his heart, I will never do too much to hurt you. "

"As you said, Mr. Ron has never mentioned me before. That's because I'm not in his heart at all. So he didn't mention me. "

Teresa smiled bitterly. "But you may not know that three years ago, Mr. Ron and I knew each other when he saved me. As you know, no girl can resist such a handsome and powerful man. I have chased him and used my identity as Miss Lei to stay with Mr. Ron for more than one year. "

"In the past more than one year, I had been by his side. But he has never done anything rude to me. But I find opportunities to hold his hands and hug him. But every time, he would either cleverly dodge, or take my hand away when I make it. What I want to say is that my uncle and my brother were both using some tricks to force Mr. Ron to marry me. But I don't think so. I have an extravagant hope that i can meet Mr. Ron first, and then we love each other and marry because of love. "

"I'll make you some coffee."

Holley said, trying to change the topic.

She didn't know what was wrong with her.

According to Teresa, she had been with Ron for more than one year, which made her feel uncomfortable.

She didn't like to hear Teresa say that her tangled relationship with Ron, so she wanted to escape.

Teresa stopped her. "Thank you for remembering the coffee. But I didn't come for coffe

the charge against Holley. Then he rushed to her with a gun and pointed it at her.

Ron almost ran after him almost at the same time, half a second behind.

Seeing that the little woman fell into the hands of young Mr. Lei, Ron did not fight with him, nor did he distinguish it for Holley. He just said objectively, "Young Master Lei, there is a monitoring system in my villa. You'll know who did it after watching the surveillance video. "

"Okay, let's go."

Young Mr. Lei pretended to be generous and fair, but he kept aiming at Holley with his gun.

"Mr. Ron, I'm worried about this woman. Can you carry my sister on your back and watch the surveillance video together? "

His request was reasonable.

Although Ron didn't want to have physical contact with Teresa.

Under this circumstance, he couldn't care about it anymore.

Then he held Teresa's arm and led the way.

In the monitoring room.

Ron directly played the video of the corridor of the villa. In the video, Teresa was talking with Holley all the time and she kept saying that she didn't want to be a bad person in their marriage.

The more young Mr. Lei looked at it, the angrier he became. He shouted at Holley, "my sister is such humble to talk to you. How dare you hit her?"

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