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   Chapter 132 What He Said Hurt Her

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In the cruise ship of the Lei family.

Young Mr. Lei woke up, but he was depressed.

As a well-known figure, Young Master Lei, he had gone through all kinds of ups and downs, but finally was defeated by a weak woman like Holley.

He was not reconciled.

But what could he do? Was he going to make trouble for a woman to save his face?

The more he thought about Holley, the more upset he got.

Mr. Lei didn't stay with his son for the matter happening in the black market. On the other hand, Teresa had been staying with him.

She saw her brother's face changed after he woke up, as if he had swallowed a fly.

"Brother, are you all right?"

Teresa was worried and asked, "I will call the doctor and give you a thorough examination. Look at you. You are making me so worried. "

"I'm fine."

Young Mr. Lei shook his head and refused his sister's kindness. "Teresa, Ron is impossible to be with you. He came over directly when his wife was in trouble."


Teresa lowered her head.

Ron she knew was the Dark Night Priest at the beginning.

She loved powerful men, while Dark Night Priest had once saved her.

The once scrupulous and arrogant Teresa voluntarily chased the head of the Dark Night Organization.

But he kept refusing her to chase him. He always seemed indifferent to her and didn't want to have a deep conversation with her.

Until one day, her uncle and her elder brother had seen him as an obnoxious man who had always been irresponsible and didn't refuse her. They had asked him to marry her.

As Dark Night Priest, he made an exception to reveal his true identity.

He was Ron Mu, a married man with a wife. Even if he and his wife were now separated by prison, he was still insistent and waiting...

"Brother, it's really breaking my heart."

Teresa sighed melancholy.

Of course she knew what her brother had

go with her. However, young Mr. Lei stopped him. "Don't you want to know how it is going to be under Craig's control since he took over the Lan's Group at the age of eight? The relationship between him and the person you have been investigating is unusual. "

Young Mr. Lei paused.

No matter who listened to half of his words, their hearts would be itched and they would want to ask who he was and what the relationship was.

But young Mr. Lei stopped saying. He just looked at his sister and said, "you know what kind of person my sister is. She would never hurt Miss Ye as long as she wanted to be friends with her. If you don't have that kind of trust, what you want to know will have to be done through the black market business. But I have to remind you that you might not get the news if it is auctioned in the black market. So think it over before you make a decision. "

And there was Roger in the villa.

However, Teresa was not a scheming woman. She had her own dignity.

he thought that it wouldn't be dangerous for Holley and Teresa to have a cup of coffee. Plus, he urgently needed to know the news from young Mr. Lei.

So he nodded his head and said to Holley, "entertain our guests well. Miss Lei likes to drink mocha."

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