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   Chapter 131 Tumbled. Awesome Little Woman

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Staring at Holley, young Mr. Lei smiled.

"You little thing. No wonder you are a first-rate sniper."

The result of the fingerprints proved that it was Holley who hid in the dark and shot the sniper sent by the black market.

"Do you know a person with no background and no identity, even if he resists a killer from the black market, anyone who tries to hurt people from the black market must pay a heavy price."

Young Mr. Lei put on a cruel smile. "So, Holley, go back to the black market with me and accept the punishment."

"Brother, don't hurt her."

Teresa couldn't stand it anymore.

She stood in front of Holley and said, "you promised me. It's my own business. I'll handle it myself."

"I know."

Young Mr. Lei replied indifferently, "but I didn't come for your love affair? I just try to take back the woman who killed the killer from the black market for punishment. "

"It's Ron who killed the killer. It has nothing to do with her."

Teresa spoke for Holley.

Young Mr. Lei sneered, "Hey, my dear sister, did Ron curse you? Didn't you hear what this woman said just now? She said that Ron had never mentioned you. What was your relationship with Ron in the past? So many things happened between you and him, but he didn't mention a word of you. What do you think you mean to him? "

"If Ron treats you well, if he is willing to divorce her and marry you earlier. I won't make it difficult for this woman and make you hard in front of Ron. But Ron has been eating in the bowl and trying to take away the pan of you. He has gone too far. "

What he said was sensible, and when first heard it made sense.

Teresa couldn't refute him, but she insisted that her brother shouldn't take Holley away either. "You can't do that either. She is my friend. You can't do anything to her."


Young Mr. Lei sneered again, "do you think your brother is an idiot? I didn't hear that Holley wanted to make friends with you when I came here. She doesn't want to be friends with you. Why did you take the chance? "

Teresa felt even more embarrassed.

"I didn't kill anyone, neither did

he tumbled on a woman's hand.

Seeing that young Mr. Lei fell down, Ron rushed to the little woman and pulled her behind him.

"Mr. Lei!"

"Young Master Lei just passed out with the anesthetic. He's not in serious condition." said Ron, in a domineering tone.

"Your wife is also hiding herself deeply."

Mr. Lei sighed calmly and turned to his niece. "Teresa, see? Mr. Ron is protecting his wife very well. I'm afraid that all this life it might be never possible for him to divorce and then marry you. Even in this situation, you still want to plead for him and hope that your brother and I let his wife go? "

Mr. Lei was rather shrewd.

In fact, everything that had happened tonight was planned by him. He wanted to create an opportunity for his dear niece to be with Ron.

Of course, the plot could not be known by Ron. Otherwise, his dear niece would not be happy in the future.

Now that his son, the plan executor, was knocked unconscious, he could no longer carry out his original plan.

After all, Holley had a relationship with that person and he couldn't completely offend her.

He cleverly made an excuse to ask for her niece's opinion.

Without hesitation, Teresa hoped that her uncle would let Holley go.

Mr. Lei agreed and helped his son up with Teresa.

Before stepping out of the room, he turned around and reminded, "my son is very vindictive. Mr. Ron, be careful."

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