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   Chapter 129 Hot Woman, Dangerous Meeting

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Without answering, Ron walked slowly towards the woman.

He stopped one meter away from the rather burning woman.

In a calm tone, Ron said, "I don't dare to miss you. It's not all right. You've sent eight killers to deal with me."


Wearing a red dress, the woman smiled coquettishly. "Are you blaming me?"

"I dare not."

Ron didn't laugh. He had always been serious.

Wearing a red dress, the coquettish hot woman leaned sideways against Ron, with her hands crossed over her chest.

She was exceedingly fascinating and charming.

She liked Ron, quite much.

But Ron was always indifferent to her and declined her for his wife who was sentenced to four years in prison.

"I heard that your wife was released from prison. I worried that you might overwork, so I sent someone to check if you were okay."

She seemed to be talking about things like that.

Under the mask, Ron's face stiffened.

He didn't expect her to be so straightforward.

After a pause, he continued, "I didn't let you down, did I?"

"No, you're good. You know, your vigorous, strong muscles are all my favorite. "

She confessed her love to him obviously and didn't care about other confessions at all.

Ron just listened to her and this kinds of words.

If he took it as true, he would lose his life, too.

"Is it so simple to send killers?"

Hearing that, the quite beautiful woman laughed charmingly again. "Oh, what should I do? You are still so smart that I'm crazy about you."

Her anthomaniac look wasn't annoying at all.

It should be said that her state of fan was just fine.

After she stopped by just mentioning, she told him the truth seriously, "didn't you know that? Both my uncle and my brother hope you can marry me. But you don't want to do that. There are a lot of things I can't help. "

While saying, she helplessly turned her head back to look at the luxury cruise ship b

y went directly to the study on the third floor. Ron and Mr. Lei sat face to face and talked about the matter that he was very concerned about.

Miss Lei was not interested in the topic they were talking about.

She yawned and was kicked out by Mr. Lei. "You can walk around by yourself. Don't damage his secret base."

Then she left the study.

Miss Lei smoothed her hair and opened her handbag. She took out a small cosmetic mirror and put on make-up. Then she wandered around in the villa according to the address she received on her phone.

From the third floor to the second floor, Miss Lei found the sniper rifle hidden in the corner.

She quickly got the sniper rifle and collected all the fingerprints on the gun.

She walked out of the villa and handed the fingerprints to young Mr. Lei. "Brother, I have got the fingerprints you want. Can you tell me where the person I want is? "

"Hey, girl. There are so many guys chasing you. Why did you insist on pursuing Ron? Besides, if you want to get rid of his wife, let me and my father operate for you. You don't have to do it yourself. You know, men are proud. If Ron knows that you hurt his wife, he will hate you all his life. He will never be with you. "

Young Mr. Lei reminded his sister earnestly.

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