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   Chapter 128 Sweet in Heart

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Fighting against five alone didn't take up too much of Ron's time.

When he just faced the five men, he shot one of them.

Turning around again, he kicked a person away and threw him directly into the sea.

With the principle that cut off the weeds by the roots, Ron shot at the sea.

The other three people didn't live too long, and were all killed by Ron's gun one after another.

The killer hid in the yacht was dumbfounded by his accurate shooting.

The opportunity he had been waiting for finally came.

The moment his companions fell down was the time for him to pull the trigger.

He was still proud and ecstatic.

After all, he would be famous by killing the head of Dark Night Organization to death by one shot.

But this dream was only a dream for him.

On the second floor, Holley pulled the trigger of the sniper rifle and shot the killer's head.

It never occurred to him that he was also ambushed while ambushing others.

Roger beside Holley was also stunned.

She was really good at shooting and could kill people at head by one shot.

After Ron shot off the fifth person, he turned around and hid behind a reef.

There were three killers on a yacht just now.

There were three yachts, but only five killers managed to break into the island now.

He didn't think that there were only five persons coming here.

He vigilantly suspected that there might be another person hiding in the dark and preparing to shoot.

Ron had planned to use some tricks to lure out the man who was about to shot a black spear.

But now, he didn't have to think about it anymore.

Someone in the villa helped him solve the sixth killer.

But he had instructed Roger to protect Holley. He would naturally have a way to kill those killers.

But Roger didn't listen to his order again.

Frowning slightly, he opened the intercom and said, "Roger, don't let me find out that you have violated my order again. Your mission is to protect Holley. "

Roger was convinced by Holley's marksmanship. He started to thin

t away the sniper rifle and hid it in a hidden corner.

"Who are they?"

"Miss Ye, please go back to your room. It's not convenient for you to be here."

Roger's tone suddenly sounded embarrassed.

They just shared weal and woe and now it was not proper to ask Holley to avoid.

But this was the order of Young Master, Roger can only speak forcefully, and he even acted in a posture that if Holley didn't agree, he would use force to solve the problem.

She looked back.

she took a look at Ron outside the villa.

Staring at his back for one minute, Holley turned back and nodded to Roger. "Okay, I'll go away."

She agreed so easily.

Roger thought it was inconceivable, and Ron was even more worried. He emphasized the seriousness of the matter to Roger, "you must promise that she stays in her room quietly before those people leave."

Unless she steps onto my body."

Roger stressed each syllable.

"Who are they? How could it be so serious?"

Even she got away, Holley couldn't help but ask curiously.

At the mention of the people on the cruise, Roger couldn't help shivering, and he said, "They're all demons. Young Master asks Miss Ye to go away because he cares about you."

On the cruise ship, a woman in red with curvaceous figure and fascinating appearance came down.

She threw Ron a kiss far away, "do you miss me?"

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