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   Chapter 126 Tough and Overbearing

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"It's useless to keep thinking about him. Moore has been dead."

Ron said in a cruel voice.

Holley felt her heart beating fast.

Suddenly, she lost her balance and fell down on the cobblestones.

The first time Holley heard about the accident in Mexico, she thought that Moore was likely to have died.

But they didn't find his body, she still hoped he could get back.

But now she heard the cruelest truth from Ron.

The moment he saw the little woman falling on the ground, Ron's heart ached.

He regretted a little.

Why did he get so angry to tell the truth? Why didn't he reach out his hand to help her even though he could see that she could not stand steadily?

He sat on the ground beside the little woman. Then, Ron directly pulled her into his arms and said, "dear, I didn't see Moore's corpse when I went there. Because the whole house he lived collapsed. My men lived very close to him, but they didn't escape from death. When I came, they told me that Moore had been crushed to death in the room. Then they were also dead."

It was the first time he had talked about Mexico.

"the riot was just the beginning. It's not dangerous when there was a riot. The real danger was only resistance and encircling after the riot. Moore was dead. it's meaningless for you to go to Mexico, so I stopped you."

Maybe the sea breeze made people too calm.

That was why a man like Ron could sit there quietly and have a good chat.

"Do you mean that you are trying every means to stop me just because you are afraid that if I go there and lose my life? But, Ron, don't coax me like a child. Since Moore's house had collapsed, he was buried beneath reinforced cement. Why wasn't his phone completely destroyed? Why did you bring it back? "

Holley doubted.

Even if Ron was sincere and his words didn't sound like a lie.

However, she

shut up about Mexico and Moore.

She had thought that it was a result of Ron's conscience. She used to think that maybe she wouldn't hate him so much on some things.

She tried to understand him more as she thought about it.

She even pondered over what the man had said just now, 'Was whatever I did bad and that everything I did was bad for you?'

Maybe he was not.

But after all, reality was too cruel...

Looking away from the man's eyes, Holley felt stuffy in her chest and there seemed to be something blocked in it.

Somehow, she began to sob. "Don't worry. I won't mention him again. Please wear your mask and your fake face. I don't hope that in this desert island where there are only you and me, I will face you, Mr. Ron every day. "

She said and pretended to smile before she turned around to leave.

Holley left without looking back.

However, Ron made up his mind and did not go after her.

Speechless, he stood there. He quietly put on his fake face and the mask.

He resumed his dressing-up as the chief of Dark Night Organization and Dark Night Priest.

even when Holley closed the door tightly and decided not to look at him anymore. The man took out a gun from his waist and pulled the trigger.

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