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   Chapter 125 I Am a Little Girl

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All of a sudden.

Holley didn't know where she got the courage. She raised her hand and took off the mask of the black cloak again.

Beneath the mask was the face of the black cloak, which looked calm and composed.

It seemed that nothing could change him.

Even if he was flirting with a woman, he would remain calm.

she stared at the face of the black cloak for one minute.

Holley took back her look.

She couldn't tell whether this man in front of her was the bastard Ron or not.

But there was something strange in the man's eyes.

It was a message of danger.

Holley felt that when the man looked at her, she seemed to be his prey.

It seemed that the black cloak was waiting for the right time.

As long as the time was right, he would eat her up.

It was too late for her to avoid his burning eyes.

Suddenly the black cloak bent down and kissed her lips overbearingly.

No matter what kind of consistency or how similar they were, it could be regarded as coincidence.

But the feeling was right!

It was Ron!



How dare he played with her!

The more Holley thought about it, the more angry she became. She bit hard.

Blood was oozing from Ron's lips...

After a long time, he raised his head satisfiedly and said, "Holley, you did it on purpose."

He never considered letting Holley know his another identity.

As the leader of the Dark Night Organization, he had grown up too fast in the past few years.

Under the crazy rise, all he needed to bear was countless hatred.

As they all knew, the Dark Night Priest had no weakness and the Dark Night Organization was made of iron.

After all, the Dark Night Priest had no relatives or friends.

Now that Holley knew his identity, it meant that he was not ready yet and there would be someone else knowing his identity.

Ron didn't regret going to the island.

He couldn't rest assured to send anyone to protect Holley.

Besides, he hoped to c


He was not yelling at Holley. He was just anxious.

If his identity as the Dark Night Priest would give that woman supreme honor and not let her become the target of public criticism.

Why should he hide it from her?

he couldn't tell her about the truth.

If she knew it, she would get involved in the whole thing.

In order to fight, he had paid too much.

The only thing he felt lucky about was that Holley was not in the center of the fight.

What he could do was to get her out of this forever.

Holley remained silent and frowned at Ron.

Another one minute's worth of fighting.

Holley raised her hand and poked the man's face. "Did you change your face?"

"No, i didn't."

She changed the topic and Ron was willing to cooperate.

It was really meaningless to argue with each other about those things, which would only hurt their feelings.

"It's a exquisite mask."

Ron didn't hide this from her.

He pulled the mask off.

The exquisite mask and exquisite makeup made him look completely different from himself.

"Well, you were in Mexico. Did you see Moore for the last time? Or did you only see his body, or else? "

Upon hearing this, Ron understood.

No wonder she stopped quarreling all of a sudden. It turned out that she was worrying about Mexico and Moore...

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