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   Chapter 124 Lonely Island, Cast to Hug

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6955

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Holley consciously ran away.

the black cloak didn't care about her and just sat on the reef she had sat before.

he looked at the sea silently, felt the sea breeze and looked at the villa of N City from afar.

Ron envied the black cloak.

Holley would not make fun of him, but she had the courage to make that joke with the black cloak.

Holley ran back to the bedroom.

She still couldn't fall asleep.

The more she got along with the black cloak, the more familiar she felt with him.

the black cloak looked like Ron of four years later, and also like Ron of four years ago.

'What on earth could I do to give up my unrealistic ideas?'

Holley kept thinking about the time she spent with Ron.

She was trying to find something special.

She thought, perhaps all the specialty on Ron's body had been proved to not exist on the black cloak, and then could she give up.

She signed slightly.

She didn't know why she was so mad, but now she couldn't extricate herself from her thoughts.

It occurred to Holley that.

A cunning smile flitted across her eyes.

She still remembered that night when the doctor came to perform the surgery for Ron, she had seen the man's upper body.

His skin was full of crisscross scars.

Thinking of this, Holley regretted immediately.

Why did she cover her eyes by instinct when the black cloak was changing his clothes just now?

'if only I had seen it clearly at that time!'

Even though Holley was upset, she didn't spend much time regretting what she had done.

'now that I have missed the opportunity, I should create one myself, ' she thought.

All in all, her top priority was to remove the shirt of the black cloak!

She tried to calm down, took a few deep breaths and adjusted her mood. After she felt better, she pushed the door open.

She poked her head out and saw what was going on outside the room. Then she went out.

When she walked out of the villa, she found that the black cloak didn't go back to his room.

He seemed to have a lot of things in his mi

the lemonade directly to the black cloak.

She splashed the lemonade and pretended that she didn't stand firm on her feet and was about to fall down.

The black cloak glanced at Holley and actually dodged.

When he dodged, Holley, who was about to pretend to fall, lost her balance completely and fell down uncontrollably.

'I'm so screwed.

Forget it.'

The black cloak was so ferocious that she was protected by him, so how could he just watch her fall?

The black cloak was really unable to just watch Holley falling.

But he was confident in his own fighting skills.

He could save Holley after he avoided the juice.

The fruit paste of lemon juice burst out and fell on the cobblestones.

And Holley was also in the dust of lemonade. Her face was hit towards the cobblestones.

She groaned in her heart, feeling that she might be disfigured this time.

When she was about to hit the cobblestones, a man's big hand firmly grabbed her arm and pulled her back into his arms.

"You are falling in a so fake way, woman."

Before Holley came to herself, that man said in her ear with a little banter.

'He actually saw through me...'

"Woman, do you feel lonely to be abandoned on such a deserted island so you want to cast a hug to me?"

The voice of the black cloak came again.

Even he liked to flirt with her, just like the jerk Ron...

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