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   Chapter 123 Dark Enough

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The black cloak didn't make it difficult for Holley for a long time.

He said lightly, "the more you know, the faster you will die. If I don't let you know so many things, I'll protect you. "

Holley was stunned.

It seemed to make sense to put her own situation into those words.

Holley was stunned when she heard that.

The black cloak did not want to say anything more and he turned away directly.

Looking at his back, Holley got confused again.

That was not true.

She had seen the face of the black cloak. Obviously, he was not Ron, but why when he turned around and said that, Holley would feel that they were the same person.

'Am I crazy?'

She asked herself, and then shook her head.

She didn't look at the black cloak anymore. Before she went crazy, she ran back to her room and locked the door. Then she lay on the bed alone.

She was supposed to be very sleepy and tired, but now she couldn't fall asleep.

Holding her cell phone, she dialed a number in a trance.

The call was not put through, but it hung up.

Then Holley checked her phone carefully and found that there was no signal at all.

'the signal in the room is bad?'

With hesitation, she cautiously opened the door. After making sure that the black cloak was not peeping at the door, she sneaked out of the room.

She found an empty place that she thought would be with good signal.

She called again.

The phone was still unable to be reached.


She murmured and restarted the phone, but it didn't work.

She gave up.

Because she was not a fool, she had understood everything.

Now she was on the island where there was a signal block system, so she couldn't make a call.

She had no choice but to lower her head and put her cell phone in her nightgown pocket. Then she found a reef and sat down.

Watching the waves beating the coast.

Looking into the distance and watching the neon-colored N City.

Holley couldn't help but look for the position o

m sure that you won't get a penny from him and then your work is in vain."

"No, he's broke. All his bank cards have been frozen. How can he pay you?"

The more Holley analyzed the relationship between the black cloak and Ron, the more strange she felt.

Perhaps in the eyes of outsiders, she might be too paranoid, and why she had to prove something?

Apparently, there was no similarity between the black cloak and Ron.

But Holley knew that she had been holding onto the feeling in her heart.

Her instinct, it was women's instinct.

A faint smile appeared in the black cloak's eyes.

He stood opposite and looked at Holley.

Under the mask, his smile was unnoticed by anyone.

With a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, he said, "I didn't charge any money for this deal. Besides, even if you tell Ron that I took advantage of you, he wouldn't believe it. Because he trusts me without any doubt. "

Every word the black cloak said was as bold as brass.

Holley nodded. "Fine, you are as dark as your name."

"My name?"

The black cloak laughed out loud.

His husky voice sounded creepy in the dark.

Holley couldn't help but shiver, and said provocatively, "you are called the black cloak, and you are as black as your name."

As soon as she finished her words, she fled as quickly as she could.

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