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   Chapter 122 Hateful, Right

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he heard a series of questions from Holley.

The black cloak suddenly bent down and asked, "do you want to know the answers?"

Holley nodded.

She didn't know why but she always felt that there was a trap in it.

Sure enough, after she nodded, the black cloak loosened his hand and said, "but I don't want to tell you the answers."

"You are so stingy."

Holley curled her lips and knew that there was no more answers, so she went directly to the kitchen.

"Eat, eat, eat. You just woke up. You ate like a pig. "

Holley complained as she chopped the meat.

She had no idea that the black cloak followed her all the way to the kitchen and leaned against the kitchen door, watching her make a fool of herself.

the black cloak wanted to eat midnight snack, but Holley was unwilling to waste time to think of the recipe.

She planned to make some wontons to dispel the black cloak.

When she prepared the wonton stuffing, Holley hesitated between pepper and chili.

Chili was too obvious. She preferred pepper.

She was very honest. With a small bottle of pepper, she felt very uncomfortable and quickly moved away. But in order to harm the black cloak, she also went ahead.

The black cloak couldn't hurt her anyway?

Cooking was not a big deal as it was supposed to be a little salty or light. What's more, there was a difference between different people.

'You deserve it.

Why don't you say anything?

now you are a bad guy.'

Holley made twelve wontons and cook the wontons. then she put them in a bowl.

She turned around with the bowl in her hand, and saw the black cloak standing behind the door.

Holley was worried, "When did you come here?"

"Just now."

The black cloak was a complete lie, and he still had a mask to protect himself.


Holley felt relieved.

he just arrived here a short time ago, so he didn't know what she had done.

"Well, the wonton is ready. Come and have it."

She warmly greeted the black cloak.

The black cloak nodded and sat at the dining table, still without moving his chopsticks. "I'm afraid I'm poisoned. Try the food you cook first."

ng to you."

That was what Holley could rely on.

She had been useful to Ron before, and now as she got all the shares of Rex, she would be more useful.

As long as Ron didn't want to destroy the Mu's Group, he would try his best to protect her and help her clean up the mess.

Although it was true, she couldn't admit it.

"I just made dinner in a strong taste. Don't blame me for that. I didn't do anything to offend you. Besides, you are a big shot and I am a little woman. You won't do anything to me, right? I have heard that the Dark Night Priest is a true man. "

Holley smiled, "How about I make you a new one?"

The pepper was so hospitable.

Nobody knew how she pretended to be sweet.

Holley sighed as she took a sip of the water.

"Woman, I am not a real gentleman."

The black cloak standing behind her suddenly said.

Holley looked back, "How could it be? You are too modest."

"Do you think that I'm as hateful as Ron? I could have told you everything, but I didn't. I just put forward conditions. even with the requirements, I might not tell you either."

The black cloak asked.

Holley curled her lips slightly. how could she answer?

if her answer was yes, she meant that the behavior of the black cloak was abominable.

if she said no, it was obviously against her conscience.

Feeling the gleam of the black cloak's eyes, Holley panicked.

What answer should she give him?

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