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   Chapter 121 The Door Not Closed, Convenient to View

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The black cloak seemed to be irritated.

He got up, got out of bed and walked out of the room.

As a good person who was protected, he should do as per "not there, not listen, and not know."

But the black cloak aroused Holley's suspicion. She couldn't help but want to find out the secrets on him.

Maybe she just wanted to prove that the black cloak was not Ron.

Then she tiptoed walking out of the room, and followed the black cloak. She saw that the cloak went into the next room.

She didn't know why the black cloak made such a decision that he even didn't close the door.

But it was a good thing for Holley.

If he didn't close the door, it would be convenient for her to see.

She carefully followed him. At this moment, she felt herself as obscene as a peeping maniac.

And strangely enough, the black cloak was taken off his clothes inside the room.

What a trap?

Holley didn't want to see, but she couldn't resist her curiosity.

She finally saw it.

The right arm of the black cloak was wrapped with gauze. He was carefully unwrapping the gauze and checking the wound.

Was it really a coincidence?

Ron's right arm was also injured.

Holley was absorbed in her thought when she looked carefully. Suddenly the black cloak came over and walked towards her.


He seemed to be a little unhappy.

"You are Ron, right? Why do you wear a black cloak?"

Holley raised her hand to take off his mask.

The black cloak didn't expect that Holley would judge this way, nor did he expect that she would take off his mask.

He was stunned for a while. Then the mask was taken by Holley.

But the face under the mask was not Ron's.

It was a face of a strange man.

Holley didn't know him.


The black cloak wasn't Ron. She was being rude.

"I'm sorry."

Putting the mask on the black cloak's face, Holley ran to her room and locked the door.

Her heart was beating fast.

'I'm so screwed. Did I do something wrong?'

the black cloak held his mas

agreed finally.

She had been looking for the truth. She couldn't give up as she was so close to it.

"Great! I'm going to have something to eat. You go get it for me."

The black cloak ordered directly.

Holley nodded. She decided to endure everything!

But after taking a few steps, she turned back and asked, "well, you haven't told me who you are."

"Ignorant woman."

The black cloak gave such a comment, pointing to the badge on his chest. "This is the mark of the Dark Night Organization. Have you heard of it? "

"Yes, I do. I heard that the leader of the organization led the gang and rose to fame all the way. He has damaged benefits of many people."

After thinking for a while, Holley told him what she had heard about the Dark Night Organization during the banquet.

"I am the head of the Dark Night Organization, known as the Dark Night Priest."

The black cloak revealed his identity.

"You are a smart man. How could you have a relationship with an ignorant and brainless man like Ron who even destroyed his family business? What did he give you to protect me. Do you know why he wanted to protect me? "

Holley was curious about a lot of things. She found that the black cloak seemed to be in a good mood, and did not refuse to answer questions. So she hurriedly seized the chance to throw all these doubts out of her mind.

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