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   Chapter 120 You Have Offended Many People

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The black cloak remained silent for a long time before he spoke in a hoarse voice.

"You have three questions,"

Holley knew that it was a coincidence.

"No. there is only one question, the Gu family or the Shen family or the Lan family. This is not an orientation answer. "

Another silence fell. The black cloak began to speak.

"These three families..."

After a pause, he changed the subject, "you've offended many people, haven't you?"

Holley was speechless by anger.

What kind of answer was this? Did she lift a stone and give it to that man, and then hit her own feet?

Holley's heart clenched, and then she heard the answer of that question from the man in black cloak. "Neither."

She was relieved. "It's okay. These people are somewhat conscientious. They all know the person who tricked them and provoked them was that Scum Ron. Haha... "

She was sort of complacent.

After all, as long as she was not kidnapped by the three families, there was still room for negotiation.

She couldn't imagine how the three families would torture her to death if they harboured hatred for her again and again.

"What are you laughing at?"

The black cloak asked.

It was not until then that Holley realized that she was a little carried away.

She covered her mouth and shook her head, "no, you misheard me. well, am I heavy? Are you tired to carry me? Will you have a rest? "

"Very heavy!"

Holley was digging a hole for herself again.

Now that she had successfully changed the topic, why did she have to lead the topic to herself?

Sighing silently, Holley chose to shut up.

But the fire of gossip in the black cloak seemed to be burning.

"What's Scum Ron?"

He asked.

However, Holley didn't feel like speaking of him, "he is an annoying person. There is nothing to talk about."

"How annoying?"

The black cloak kept asking.

"I just hate him very much. When i am in a good mood, thinking of him will bring me bad mood."

This was just what Holley thought in her mind, so she said so angrily.

"He's not good at all?"

The black cloak was

was now sitting on a large bed, and the black cloak, however, was shamelessly lying next to her.

"What? Are you short of women? Go to ask Ron for the reimbursement. Stay away from me."

Holley grabbed the pillow and threw it at him.

The pillow hit the black cloak's arm unhurriedly.

as the black cloak wore a mask, no one could see the expression on his face.

The only thing people knew was that he froze for two seconds after the pillow hit him.

Holley didn't know it was because that he didn't expect that Holley dared to throw a pillow on him or because of anything else.

During the two seconds, everything quieted.

In the silent room, the cold man and the dangerous atmosphere filled the surrounding.

Holley threw the pillow out. There was no way back.

She could only sit there still and looked at the masked black cloak.

Two seconds later, the man in the black cloak opened his mouth and said, "I didn't do anything to you, did I? Why are there always some strange things on your mind?"


This time, it was Holley's turn to be in a daze.

It seemed that she had never seen this black cloak before?

Why did he say that she always thought in the wrong way?

Besides, she had never been paranoid. she was only cheated by Ron.

For most of the time, Holley felt that the black cloak was very similar to Ron.

Were they on earth the same person?

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