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   Chapter 119 Who Are You

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"Where is the evidence?"

Rex asked sternly.

Daly pulled out a badge from his pocket and said, "this is the symbol of the Dark Night Organization. All of us know the rules in our business. If we see the logo, we are told that the deal has been accepted by the Dark Night Organization. We can no longer interfere."

"Rex, the evidence is irrefutable. You should let my sister go, right?"

Craig roared, "I warn you..."

Rex made a gesture to stop him. He had called his men.

When they arrived, he handed Bella to his subordinates. "Keep an eye on Miss Lan."

In the blink of an eye, his sister had been taken away by Rex's men before Craig could stop them.

"Rex, you and the Lan family are at daggers drawn now."

Craig shouted angrily.

"Don't worry. I'm not as vicious as your Lan family. When your sister is in my hand, I will treat her with delicious food. And I won't hurt her. When I find Holley and prove that she was not kidnapped by people sent by you, I will apologize in person and get your sister back to you safe and sound. "

Rex said fearlessly.

He turned around and was about to leave. After taking a deep breath, Craig said calmly, "Rex, what happened this time is an accident. There is no need for us to be at daggers drawn. Please take care of my sister these days. But I want to offer you a clue. You know, I've always been suspicious of Ron. I think he may be the head of the Dark Night Organization. You'd better check his whereabouts. "

"Okay, thank you."

Craig didn't turn his face, Rex didn't turn his face either, so they checked and balanced each other.

Worried that the news from Rex's men was not accurate and affected his baby sister, Craig also used his own information network and connections to check the whereabouts of Ron.

But the final result was that Ron was drunk at home every day and didn't leave.

On the Wrangler.

Holley felt dizzy and regained some consciousness.

She opened her eyes instinctively and found her eyes covered with a black cloth.

She fumbled around and

Holley was speechless after being scolded.

She took a deep breath and shook her head, "no, I don't."

"Then let's go."

The black cloak grasped her hand directly and led her all the way.

It seemed to be a downhill, and the road was not flat.

She stumbled and couldn't stand firm for several times. The black cloak stopped, and he directly carried Holley on his shoulder.

With the black cloak's back to her, she thought, 'what a good chance!'

Holley raised her hand and tried to remove the blindfold carefully.

But the black cloak seemed to have a pair of eyes on his back, and he snorted, "don't play tricks."

"Don't be so indifferent. If you had been kidnapped, you would have wanted to know who kidnapped you, wouldn't you?"

"If I had been kidnapped, I would not have offended anyone. Just live on."

The black cloak gave her an answer. Holley felt she came across a black cloak without any weakness.

Thinking of the threat of the black cloak, and thinking of herself who was totally unable to resist, Holley shut her mouth.

She was nervous. After putting a restraint on her uneasiness for a while, Holley couldn't keep silent any longer. She said, "well, black cloak, don't be angry. I don't want to provoke you. The last question I want to ask is whether you are sent by the Lan family or by the Shen family or by the Gu family?"

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