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   Chapter 118 Not Me

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The person in the black cloak, who should have been numb and unconscious on the ground, suddenly moved.

Before Holley reached out to grab the doorknob, he wrapped his arms around her neck from behind.

Before she could call for help, Holley felt her consciousness numb and lose her sanity. At last, she fell into the arms of the guy in the black cloak.

Outside the bathroom.

Although Craig had been talking with Rex to distract his attention and reduce his interest in Holley.

But Rex still heard a strange sound coming from the washing room.

"Are you okay, Holley?"

Ignoring the existence of Craig, he raised his voice by shouting at the top of his lungs.

His words got no response.

A bad feeling rose in Rex's heart.

Taking a glance at the direction of Craig, he saw Mr. Lan wear an evil smile at the corners of his mouth.

Was this his plot?

Regardless of the difference between men and women, Rex kicked open the door of the bathroom and rushed in.

It was an empty toilet.

Only the open window looked particularly dazzling.

When Rex rushed to the window, he saw a black shadow getting on a modified Wrangler.

What a powerful method!

Anyone who used a refitted car knew that they could walk in any unfavorable terrain with a changed Wrangler.

Even in the downtown area, it was almost impossible for you to catch up with a modified Wrangler.

Even if you could catch up with him, your car would turn over when the Wrangler crashed into you, and the Wrangler would be smashed into pieces by the front bars at most.

In fact, the Lan family wouldn't give anyone any chance to track them.

Rex calmly made a decision.

He couldn't chase them in this situation.

Rex turned around and rushed out of the bathroom directly towards Bella.

Craig was still watching this good play. when he saw Rex rushed out of the door with an imposing manner, he knew his subordinates succeeded.

But he never thought that for the sake of Holley, Rex was willing to push himself into a very disadvantageous position.

Ignoring all the obstacles, Rex rushed directly to the

ased his hand, giving Bella a chance to breathe and restore her ability to speak.

"Brother, help me. Brother, please don't leave me alone..."

Bella was so sad that she wanted to cry out. However, before she could do so, she was choked at her throat again by Rex.

The suffocating pain and the fear lingering on the edge of death once again pervaded her life.

Craig felt heartache. How could he leave his sister alone?

"Rex, how can you believe me? I did arrange someone to take Holley away. That woman is too abominable. she has offended my sister again and again. But my men failed to kidnap her. What you should do now is to stop messing up with me and my sister. Hurry up and call the police station to get involved and search for Holley as soon as possible. "

It was really hard to explain the whole thing.

After all, all evidences were pointing to the Lan family.

"Rex, since my sister is in your hands, I won't play tricks with you anymore. it really isn't my men. "

As they were talking, Daly was brought in.

He was woken up by a special treatment. He rubbed his neck anxiously and looked at Mr. Lan, then he lowered his head helplessly. "Mr. Lan, I'll return your deposit. I won't do this business."

"Why not?"

Almost at the same time, Craig and Rex asked in confusion.

"That woman is wanted by Dark Night Organization. How could I dare to kidnap her? Anyway, I can't do that."

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