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   Chapter 117 A Dangerous Man

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Seeing the red wine, Holley curled her lips slightly.

"What's wrong?"

Rex observed it carefully.

With a slight smile, Holley shook her head. "Physical condition does not allow drinking."

"It's my fault. I should ask for your opinion first."

After saying that, he waved his hand at the waiter and said, "We don't need red wine."

Outside the western restaurant.

The car of the Lan family just stopped outside the gate.

The Lan brother and sister heard this bad news before they got off the car.

"That bitch didn't drink. How could we get her into the bathroom?"

Bella stamped with rage.

"Then let's help her."

Craig said insidiously.

They walked into the western restaurant hand in hand.

When Craig saw Rex from afar, he took his sister directly to Rex.

"Mr. Yan, what a coincidence!"

Craig said politely.

Without raising his head, Rex only said, "I don't have the luck."

The atmosphere became awkward.

Craig didn't get angry but made a gesture to the waiter. "I will be the owner of that bottle of the best red wine."

Rex didn't care what he was going to do, but Lan family's brother and sister surrounded him and Holley Ye's dinner table, which made Rex unhappy.

He frowned slightly and waved his hand without raising his head. "You have blocked my WIFI signal and the light."

"brother Rex, why are you so mean to me and my brother every time? We are the same people. We are all from the noble upper class. How could you help an ordinary person like Holley? "

Bella couldn't figure it out and complained.

At the same time, Craig had taken the red wine glass from the waiter.

He pulled Bella behind him and said with an ingratiating smile, "my sister is young. Don't take it to heart. I'm here to apologize."

He seemed to propose a toast to Rex.

Just then, the waiter handed a glass of red wine to Bella.

Seeing that Rex was protecting Holley and her brother was lowering his head to that bitch, Bella h

s, we should sit down and sort it out. My sister is always straightforward. Don't be mad at her. "

Craig said sincerely.

He was trying to distract Rex's attention and buy more time.

In the ladies' room, Holley wiped the wine on her leg carefully.

She stood beside the wash basin and a mirror was in front of her.

Suddenly, there was a person behind her.

If that man was dressed as a normal woman, Holley wouldn't have been shocked.

But the man was dressed in a black cloak and a wide brim cap, with his face covered, only showing a pair of eyes.

More importantly, his chest was flat and he didn't look like a woman at all.

Her hand shook and the handkerchief in her hand fell to the ground.

That person in the black cloak walked towards Holley step by step.

Holley was sure that it was dangerous.

She took a deep breath and stepped back.

With a fist of her left hand, Holley prepared to inject the anesthetic stored in the ring into that man.

30 centimeters.

20 centimeters.

10 centimeters.

When they almost face to face, Holley took action decisively. An anesthetic needle was put into the body of the person in the black cloak.

The person in the black cloak froze still, being motionless.

Holley bypassed the person in the black cloak and rushed to the door.

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