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   Chapter 116 Love Words 52

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The shareholders' meeting was over.

With so many preparations, the plan of Craig still ended in failure.

He had to spend more time and effort to annex the Mu's group, which had already been in a mess.

Craig kicked over the chair in the meeting room furiously.

Mr. Shen didn't leave. He and Craig formed an alliance of interests.

He frowned and said, "is it we underestimating Holley, or is it because Mr. Yan is going to have a war with us that he deliberately support that woman?"

"That woman is exactly a disaster."

Craig said in a fit of pique.

Over the past one month, he had lost several times in front of Holley.

After a pause, Craig continued, "it doesn't matter whether it is because of what Rex wants or her own abilities. What mattered was that the shares was in the hand of that woman. As long as she shut up and can't attend the general shareholders' meeting, I'll see how she's going to oppose me. "

He said fiercely, and the malicious light in his eyes became clearer.

All of a sudden, Charles, who appeared as a junior, said, "Dad, we have made an appointment with the lawyer to bail Lucia and Shawn out. That Lawyer Zhou is a big shot. We've been late for more than an hour. If you continue to go down... "

Charles didn't say the result. He just looked at his father and Mr. Lan perplexedly.

Craig sneered.

This son and this father of the Shen family were so cunning that when they heard that he was going to break the law, they wanted to run away.

But was the Shen family pure?

Although Craig was sneering at them, he had made up his mind.

It would do no good if more people got involved.

He really didn't plan to let the Shen family know his plan to deal with Holley.

Nodding with a smile, Craig replied generously, "the things of Miss Shen and Mr. Shawn are important. Mr. Shen, please go."

After seeing the Shen family off, Craig sneered and went down the elevator, leaving the


He also wanted to see the miserable situation of his opponent in person.

Venus was a high-class western restaurant in the city. A simple dinner cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This was a restaurant for the upper class to enjoy petty life.

With elegant music and high-end red wine, the romantic atmosphere of the western restaurant was dotted.

"Do you like it? If you don't like it, we can find another one. "

At the door of the restaurant, Rex asked Holley beside him with a smile.

Holley felt really embarrassed.

Outside the meeting room, she just wanted to piss off someone, so she said something casually, but Rex took it seriously.

He prepared the dinner carefully, and she was too embarrassed to refuse.

"We can eat right here."

Holley said with a slight smile.

Rex nodded, "I'm glad you like it. I've ordered Table No. 52. You know what, Holle? No. 52 is love words and particular love words."

"What is their special?"

Holley said, trying to change the topic.

Rex smiled and took her seat, not mentioning those things.

From afar.

A waiter had been observing Holley since she entered the restaurant.

After she and Rex finally sat at Table No. 52, the waiter picked up a bottle of red wine from the wine cabinet and handed it to them.

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