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   Chapter 115 Pretend to Be Weak

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The shareholder with the surname Wang proved again with his actual actions that he was the lackey of Mr. Lan.

Immediately, he stood out and said, "Mr. Lan is right. It has been too hard for the past four years. We should change our president."

The loss of the Mu's group for four consecutive years was a fact.

So as soon as Mr. Wang made his attitude, many shareholders also showed their attitudes.

At last, only Holley remained silent.

Mr. Lan raised his eyebrows. "Miss ye, are you unwilling to support the company change its president because of your previous relationship with Mr. Ron, aren't you?"

"Mr. Lan, you are thinking too much. I don't know much about the business. My agent is Mr. Yan. He meant what I said. "

"Mr. Yan, we just want you to make your decision."

Rex smiled, "As long as the new president is not a trash. We are cool with that."

"The resolution to dismiss Ron Mu was passed by the shareholders' meeting in full. Later, the company will announce it to the public. All the procedures will be done according to the procedure. But there was an old saying that a country could not live without a king, so did the company. In order to avoid any trouble in the company's operation, I advise to select a new president as well today. "

Mr. Lan summarized and led the topic to the new president directly.

Mr. Wang jumped to support first, "Mr. Lan is right. We need a new and capable president."

After Mr. Wang made a statement, many shareholders expressed their support, but some even said that choosing a new president was a big matter and could not be rushed.

Rex and Holley remained silent.

"Miss Ye, as the first major shareholder of the company, should you give an opinion? Or should we ask your agent to express an opinion?"

There was a faint anger in his eyes although Mr. Lan was talking to Holley in a pleasant manner.

After all, Holley was just an accident of the shareholder meeting today, which also ruined his big plan.

The longer she procrastinated, the more unhappy Craig was.

"Mr. Lan, do you

ng, "what do you think? Do you want to choose a president like this without any conviction and hand over the future of the Mu's Group to a president without any improvement plan?"

It was a soft and pleasant voice, but she was a woman of both soft outside and hard inside. She did not retreat because of anyone's opposition and she insisted on her own ideas.

After three minutes' silence, one of the shareholders stood up first. "Mr. Lan wants to be the president. Of course, you need to get our shareholders' approval. Mr. Lan, please prepare a rectify plan. "

"Mr. Lan, please prepare a rectify plan."

For a moment, the same sounds were heard one after another.

Holley smiled at Mr. Lan and said, "Mr. Lan is an excellent businessman. With his years of hard work in the business world, he will definitely come up with a good plan, right?"

"Of course."

Craig replied in a low voice distressingly.

He had been fooled by this woman named Holley twice today.

Holley smiled and then faced to all shareholders, "In my opinion, no comparison, no harm. We need to compare which one is better, which one is worse. So I suggest to recruit a new president from the whole company, from the whole society. If anyone can take out the most perfect and effective improvement plan to bring the company benefit, we will support him as the president at the shareholder's meeting."

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