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   Chapter 114 General Shareholders' Meeting

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Craig's face turned more gloomy.

For the Lan family, what they lacked least was money.

What they cared about most was their dignity.

If Holley asked him for some compensation, he would not care and would pay tens of thousands of dollars for it.

But that woman wanted his sister to apologize in person.

She was ruining their Lan family's pride.

She was insulting their Lan family!

But this was an irresistible request.

He flattered the woman to a high position of being reasonable and generous.

And that woman did it. She made a simple request without making trouble or making things difficult. It was too hard for Craig to reject such a request. Shouldn't the person who did the wrong thing apologize?

Under the watchful eyes of the public, if he protected his sister and did not let her apologize, what would the other shareholders think?

In the future, he would become the president of the Mu's group instead of Ron.

He had to convince other people.

Glaring at Holley fiercely, Craig nodded and replied, "yes, Holley is very generous."

His tone was full of killing intent.

But he didn't do anything intended to kill her. He just ordered Bella, "apologize to miss Ye!"

Bella had already been freaking out, and at the moment she lost more control.

"Brother, are you crazy?"

"brother, I am your sister. How can you be... by a bitch?"

With his eyes wide open, Craig grabbed his sister's hand and stared at his sister and ordered, "shut up and apologize now!"

After saying that, he held his sister into his arms and said in a very low voice, "believe me, go to apologize."

This was an order.

Bella's heart sank. How could she trust her brother?

Her brother had never been for any outsider in her life since their childhood.

No matter it was others' fault or hers, her brother had never been on the side of outsiders!

But now, her brother was in favor of an outsider. and it was that bitch, Holley Ye!

She sh

suffered from physical and mental torture, she wouldn't look like that.

Knowing that she didn't live well, Holley felt relieved and happier.

She didn't intend to hide her good mood. Unconsciously, a sly smile like a little fox raised the corners of her mouth.

In the video, Linda saw Holley at first, and then she saw the woman gloating.

Damn it!

'how could this bitch appear at the board meeting?

Did she come here on behalf of Mr. Ron?

Linda, who knew nothing about the incident, speculated in her mind.

But she was smarter than Bella. She didn't lose her temper on the spot no matter what happened. She just sat there quietly and attended the meeting.

"Today's shareholders' meeting was organized by me."

Craig continued, "The main purpose of today's shareholders meeting is to obtain some interests for every shareholder, including me. In the past four years, the Mu's Group had suffered a continuous loss, and the bonus that should belong to our shareholders has not been transferred. This has greatly damaged the rights and interests of our shareholders. And all this was caused by the inappropriate decision of the current president Ron Mu of the group. I propose that we dismiss this president of Mu's Group and choose another one to take office for the company which can be profitable. "

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