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   Chapter 113 Her Depth

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All the shareholders had noticed something but didn't mean to remind Holley.

Because just now in the conference room, they all knew one thing.

That was, Mr. Yan has given all his shares to Holley.

Holley suddenly became the biggest personal shareholder.

with her share amount, what she said in the board meeting in future would rather count.

All the shareholders wondered whether this Holley who followed Mr. Ron and then Mr. Yan, who was quite capable in the relationship between men and women, still had other abilities.

And Rex didn't say anything more to remind Holley.

He had no thoughts such as to test the little woman's depth.

He just had confidence in Holley. He knew that she was a person who was not as strong as she appeared to be.

She used to be a quiet and gentle woman, but in fact she was a bit strong inside.

Besides, it was Holley who came up with this idea to humiliate Bella. Of course Rex would support her to slap Bella in the face.

No matter what means Craig had, Mr. Yan would support Holley. Everything would be fine.

Holley stood up slowly and lowered her head at all the people present to greet them.

"Thank you, Mr. Lan. I'm always not a reasonable person."

Holley didn't receive the flatter from Craig.

With a fake smile, Craig said, "thank you for your modesty, Miss Ye."

Bella didn't understand what her brother meant at all.

She still remembered that on the way to the Mu's Group this morning, her brother had been comforting her that he would never let Holley go.

But now, her brother actually praised that bitch!

"brother, she is clearly a bitch. Why are you praising her?"

Bella was used to be arrogant so she never thought about anything and just spit out her real thoughts.

The expression on Craig's face changed.

He was cleaning up the mess for his sister, but she...

He got a headache and lowered his voice, "sister, come here."

up. She looked at her brother angrily and thought he was crazy. "You are really enchanted by that bitch!"

"Shut up!"

Craig was unable to stop his sister, so he raised his voice and said, "Miss Ye, I apologize on behalf of my sister. I hope this episode does not affect the general shareholder's meeting. "

As Mr. Lan said, I'm a reasonable person. If the shareholders meeting is interrupted in this way, I will also be sorry. "

"Of course. Miss ye, you are generous. It's okay if you don't mind it."

Craig tried to divert the topic back to Holley's being reasonable and generous.

She could only blame herself for that if he flattered her.

But Craig knew nothing about Holley.

He thought that Holley would suffer losses. But Holley was not a person who was willing to suffer losses. She had planned it all out.

Now, Bella's matter had been completely carried out.

It was impossible for her not to apologize in public.

"Mr. Lan, don't worry. I won't embarrass Miss Lan. But I heard she was still scolding me. She is so insincere. Even though I don't want to see the shareholders' meeting to be ruined, I'm afraid I have no other choices. "

Holley smiled, and spoke out her requirements calmly.

She just wanted Bella to apologize to her, and in front of everyone.

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