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   Chapter 112 Flattering and Killing

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The Mu's group held a board meeting as scheduled.

Mr. Lan and Mr. Shen, the two organizers of the board meeting, have arrived at the conference room very early.

Bella came to the Mu's group with them. Her purpose was simple. She heard that Mr. Yan would also attend the general shareholder's meeting and she wanted to see him, so she came.

Mr. Shen didn't come alone either. He took his son, Charles.

The general shareholder's meeting today was not only a profit division meeting, but also related to whether Lucia and Shawn would be jailed.

Other small shareholders also came to the conference room one after another.

The last one to arrive was Rex.

He took Holley with him to attend the meeting.

This really hurt Bella's heart.

Why, as a second-hand married woman, Holley could use bad means to seduce Mr. Yan?

Bella was so angry that she stopped Rex and Holley decisively.

Rex walked with Holley. His face lit up with happiness.

His face darkened when he was stopped by Bella.

"For what?"

Rex asked angrily.

Bella always flirted with Rex with her beauty.

She didn't think she was not beautiful enough. She just thought that the presence of Holley blocked Mr. Yan's sight, so he did not notice her beauty.

Bella smiled shyly and said to him, "I have something to tell you, brother Rex."

"I'm not your brother."

Rex directly hit his opponent in the face, revealing her disguised behavior.

Bella was so angry that she could not hide her emotion any more.

She stamped her feet and didn't smile anymore to cover up her inner violence.

"Mr. Yan, you're a shareholder. It's reasonable for you to come to the general shareholder's meeting. But who the hell is Holley? She is not qualified to enter the meeting room unless she has a commission book from Mr. Ron. "

Bella said coldly about Holley.

The reason why she was confident was that they came to the Mu's group together. Her brother had arranged bodyguards fo

e was from a noble family.

All of a sudden, the door was opened when she was so arrogant.

Craig came out, and Mr. Shen and Mr. Yan followed him.

When Bella saw Rex, she couldn't help trying to restrain her anger, but she really hated Holley, and she was too angry with what Holley had said.

Although she tried her best to be polite, it still made people feel that she was ill bred.

Not to mention that Rex was not used to it, even Mr. Shen frowned slightly.

If his daughter was of the same behavior as Bella...

Mr. Shen didn't dare to think further.

Rex stated in a helpless manner: "Mr. Lan, as I said, it was not our Holle who put on airs, but your sister who had gone too far. your sister said you are going to take over the Mu's group, Mr. Lan. It's up to you in Mu's Group. our Holle is not qualified to attend the meeting. "

Then he shrugged and pointed at Bella, who was still angry and hideous. "Mr. Lan, don't play dumb with your younger sister. She doesn't look right."

"Miss ye, it's quite reasonable."

Mr. Lan's mouth twitched, and smirked.

Those who could become shareholders of the company were the spirits of the best in the world.

Everybody knew that flattering had always been together with killing.

Mr. Lan flattered Holley so well definitely because he wanted to kill her!

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