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   Chapter 111 Afraid of Losing You

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Holley's eyes shined brightly.

With a faint smile, she said, "Hannah also said that you wanted to trade the shares of Mu's Group for the evidence at Gu family."

Rex shrugged, "that's very funny. I received 4% of the shares this morning, plus the shares in my hands, I've already made the notary certificate. I've transferred them to you."

"Mr. Yan."

Holley shook her head, "I can't afford the shares."

"Is it a big deal? I can give you, so it means that you deserve it. Holley, you are homeless now. If you refuse me for such a simple thing, I think you'd better continue to live on the street and don't live in my house. "

Rex said, pretending to be angry.

It was not easy to decline the stock transfer, so Holley reluctantly agreed.

She nodded and said, "then that's it, all the profits belong to you, and tomorrow we will apply for an additional notary."

"I don't care about money, Holley. Rex means nothing but money. "

Since he has transferred all the shares to the name of Holley, it means that he doesn't care about any profits, not to mention any dividend.

After thinking for a while, Rex said again, "if the share can be upgraded in value, we will set up a fund, which will provide the corresponding fund and support for the public service lawyers. It is named in Moore Fund, okay?"

This man treated her very well with his heart.

His proposal would never be able to decline by Holley.

"There is one more thing that I have to tell you."

Rex looked serious at that moment.

He said word by word solemnly, "I have sent people to look into the car accident that year. But as a son, based on a son's understanding of his father's character, I can be sure that if the car accident was a murder, it was not my father's order to plot against it. "

Looking at Rex, Holley turned her head and looked at him for a long time. She thought a lot before she spoke.


at are the other two reasons? "

The second reason is Mr. Gu's attitude towards him. As you said just now, how could Mr. Gu be willing to marry his precious granddaughter to a good for nothing? That indicates that Mr. Ron is indeed equal in strength. Otherwise, Mr. Gu would not have thought and planned so for his precious granddaughter. "

It was a good reason. Holley nodded, "what about the third one?"

"Ownership fight."

Something complicated and profound appeared in Rex's eyes.

"It seems that Mr. Ron is at a complete disadvantage. But you know what? Since Mr. Lan and Mr. Shen's cooperation, Mr. Ron has made himself suffer. He has no money at all, not to mention the company affairs, even you, the nominal Mrs. Mu can be sold out. But don't you think that what he did was too discreet? I think he must have been well prepared. "

In the mansion of Ron.

Wearing headphones, he was listening to the conversation between Holley and Rex.

The more he heard, the more frowned he was, and a vague expression appeared in his eyes.

He messed things up and set up a chess game. There was another person who could keep clear and see through everything.

Rex was a worthy opponent.

Fortunately, he was different from Craig. He was not under that man!

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