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   Chapter 110 Instigation

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"Sorry, I'm not very convenient now."

Rex refused Mr. Gu's invitation.

Rex was a man who valued interests more than anything. But he made an exception for Holley again and again.

From the very beginning, he didn't care about Holley before his own interests; then after a moment's hesitation, he finally put his love for Holley before his interests; and now, without any hesitation, he began to regard her as the most important person in his life.

On the other end of the line, Mr. Gu laughed, "Mr. Yan, my car is one kilometer away from your villa. It's not convenient for you to leave the villa and leave Holley. I can call the driver to go to find you. "

Mr. Gu said sincerely, and it was not a good idea for Rex to refuse.

After all, there was no eternal enemy in the business world.

That night, he got into a fight with Mr. Gu in the Banquet House, but it didn't mean that he could make profit from the cooperation between his Glory Group and the Gu's Bank.

"Thank you, Mr. Gu."

A minute later, the lengthened Lincoln of Mr. Gu stopped by the car of Rex.

Mr. Gu got off in person and got on Rex's car.

He didn't bring his bodyguards, but got on the car alone.

Sitting in the back row, Mr. Gu didn't say anything but smiled first. "Mr. Yan has fallen in love with Miss ye, right?"

Rex had never thought of hiding his feelings.

Mr. Gu asked. He admitted without hesitation, "she will be Mr. Yan's wife in the future."

"It's hard to say."

Mr. Gu could not help but sigh.

After pondering for a while, he said, "I heard that you have a part of the shares of the Mu's Group. Our Gu's Bank wants to purchase your shares, and we will pay double of the market price. "

Rex shook his head firmly.

Mr. Gu waved his hand with a smile. "Don't hurry to refuse now. I have something to tell you. Miss ye, I heard that her parents had a car accident when she was very young. Do you know what happened to her parents before the car accident? "

Rex had no i

wo can be happy together. why should you mind what happened in the past? "

"If you want evidence, you can contact me at any time. I will show you the evidence before my grandpa gives them to Mr. Yan. "

Things didn't go as Hannah expected.

Holley didn't ask her how to get the evidence.

Seeing that she didn't say a word, Hannah had no idea what to do.

But she knew that she couldn't catch up with her at this time.

She had to be cold enough and said, "Holley, it's late. Bye."

After Hannah hung up the phone, Holley stared blankly at the screen of her phone.

She found that within just a few minutes when she talked with Hannah, Rex had made several calls to her.

When she was about to call back, the door of the villa was opened from the outside.

Seeing that Holley was staring blankly at her phone alone, Rex breathed a sigh of relief, "Holle, you scared me."

"I just answered the phone from Hannah."

Holley looked up and said calmly.

Hearing the name of Hannah, Rex nodded unexpectedly. "I also think the call you just answered is from Gu family."

"Mr. Gu said the car accident of your parents had something to do with my father." Rex had no intention of hiding anything.

He firmly believed that if it was a truth, it could not be hidden, and if it was a lie, it could just be debunked.

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