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   Chapter 108 Just Look, Don't Ask

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Holley didn't dare to make a bet.

Holley walked up to grab Rex's hand and she shook her head.

Rex couldn't understand who made Holley do this at all costs.

But he respected her and respected all her choices.

He nodded and took it back.

Ron proudly and defiantly glanced at Rex, turned around and walked out of the bar.

Holley hurried after him.

As soon as she got on the car, she heard noisy metal music.

The voice was so noisy that she involuntarily covered her ears.

Ron moved her hand away from her ears.

His voice was not loud, but was heard by Holley, a little dazed.

However, as if on purpose, Ron did not raise his voice, and continued, "I will show you what you want to see. But you have to remember that you can only see, don't speak or ask questions. "

"You have to cooperate with my plan after you see it."

"Before the Thursday shareholders' meeting, I will become a traitor, without anyone."

Holley didn't understand his plan.

Confused as Holley was, she looked at the man beside her and frowned, "what do I need to do?"

"That's the key point of your question."

When the man said this, his eyes flashed, as if Holley was the most important step of everything.

With his arbitrary action, he pulled the little woman into his arms. Then he bent over and whispered in her ear, "you will go with Rex, but you have to remember that you are my wife. If you can't remember your identity, anything might happen. "

He whispered in her ears domineeringly.

Holley didn't say a word but stared at him.

Ron knew that she wanted to see the evidence and the most solid evidence.

With a light smile, he tapped the car with his slender fingers. "You know what, woman? In fact, it is originally impossible for you to know it now. But luckily, you have revealed my phone number. I'm not that kind of person who enjoy harassmen

hoked with sobs.

There was coldness in Ron's eyes.

He opened the door, pulled Holley out of the car and walked towards the club.

The usher at the door of the club stopped Ron and said, "this is a high-end private club. You can't come here."

"I am Mr. Ron. Is there any club that I can't go?"

"Hahaha." Ron's words amused the usher, "Mr. Ron, you used to be able to come to our club before, of course. All the funds concerning Mr. Ron had been frozen now. You didn't pay us the money last night. Can we let you go easily if you are not our old client? How dare you come again! Our boss said that when Mr. Ron came, ask him to go out. We do business in the entertainment club, not charity. "

"I have my money! Who said I have no money!"

Ron straightened his chest and appeared extremely powerful. "I have brought my stake today. I always have good luck in gambling and can turn the tables easily."

"Well, Mr. Ron, please take out your gambling fund."

The young greeter still taunted.

His boss had told him that Mr. Ron was doomed this time and there was no need to be polite to him.

Ron directly pointed at Holley beside him, "I made a bet with my wife. If I lose, I will leave my wife. in case i need to spend money to raise her."

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